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Complex Composite Parts Easier & Faster with 3D Printed Tooling vs Traditional Approaches

Create hollow, seamless, complex composite structures with smooth internal surfaces and simplified tool removal, by 3D printing sacrificial tooling with FDM Technology. FDM wash-out tooling withstands typical autoclave cure conditions and eliminates design constraints associated with trapped-tool geometries. This enables fast design iteration and greater design freedom.

The design guide (download to your right) includes multiple use-case and customer examples of FDM composite tooling applications along with instructions on how to create FDM sacrificial tooling including:

  • Choose the appropriate FDM material based on your design criteria
  • Design tools using the most effective methods of construction
  • Process the CAD file for optimal build results
  • Post-process tools to achieve the best composite fabrication outcomes

Sacrificial tooling material

Build complex, hollow composite parts faster with ST-130 model material, ST-130_S support material and optimized tips.

ST-130 simplifies the production of hollow composite parts. Complex tools can be 3D printed and easily dissolved after curing, eliminating secondary processes like mold making, while accelerating your composite lay-up work.

Engineered and tested specifically for sacrificial tooling, ST-130 withstands the heat and pressure of autoclave curing. And it 3D prints with a permeable triangle fill pattern to cut build time, conserve material, and dissolve quickly.

ST-130 model material and ST-130_S support material work with Fortus 450mc and Fortus 900mc.

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Download the design guide to to learn how to create FDM sacrificial tooling



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