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Mastercam Tutorials & Training Manuals

The Mastercam Tutorial Handbooks are created to provide not only applications, but also background and insight into why and when to apply certain functions and techniques. Throughout the Handbooks practical tips, hints and best practices are discussed, including industry basics such as speeds and feeds, tool selection and more. The goal is to create a well educated and skilled NC programmer that is not only immediately employable and productive, but is also equipped to learn and grow as technology changes.

Suggested Requirements::Windows 7, Mastercam will require 1024 x 768 resolution to display optimally (1280 X 1024 or better is recommended). A minimum of 3GB of memory is required.

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Mastercam 2017 Lathe Training Tutorial

Mastercam 2017 Lathe Training TutorialPrice: $60.00 Mastercam 2017 Lathe Training Tutorial. ISBN: 978-1-77146-349-2 Published by: In-House Solutions Inc.

The Mastercam 2017 Lathe Training Tutorial consists of part-oriented tutorials, and practice exercises that provide users with an excellent foundation in Lathe. The material emphasizes the machinability of parts with suggested fixtures, setup sheets & more.

The Lathe Training Tutorial is ideal for beginners and current Mastercam users alike. Step-by-step tutorials introduce 2D geometry creation along with detailed coverage of 2D toolpaths such as Face, Rough, Finish, Drilling, Grooving, Grooving on an angle, Inside Boring, Cutoff, Threading and Canned Cycles for Rough and Finish.

Details on Stock Transfer, Stock Flip, Stock Advance and tailstock toolpaths, in addition to instruction on importing a SolidWorks file and using the Turn Profile command to create Geometry and a VTL tutorial are also found within.

Mastercam 2017 Multiaxis Essentials Training Tutorial

2017 Multiaxis Essentials Training TutorialPrice: $90.00 Mastercam 2017 Multiaxis Essentials Training Tutorial  ISBN: 978-1-77146-355-3 Published by: In-House Solutions Inc.

The Mastercam 2017 Multiaxis Essentials Training Tutorial is intended for the advanced Mastercam user looking to learn Mastercam Multiaxis programming. A firm grasp on both 2D and 3D machining is required and can be attained by completing the Mill Essentials and Mill Advanced Training Tutorials.

The Intro to Multiaxis Training Tutorial covers the different applications that are available by configuring the Rotary Axis Control page including: Rotary axis positioning and Axis substitution. The book also covers the Multiaxis Classic family toolpaths: Rotary, Curve, Swarf, Flow, and Msurf. A special tutorial is dedicated to teaching how to drill and circle mill holes using Multiaxis toolpaths. Specific parameters such as Cut patterns, Tool Axis Control, Limits, Collision Control, Linking and more are described in detail.

The contents also describe how to verify the toolpaths using the new Machine Simulation module that combines toolpath backplot mode and material removal mode with collision detections.

Mastercam 2017 Router Training Tutorial

Mastercam 2017 Router Training TutorialPrice: $80.00 Mastercam 2017 Router Training TutorialISBN: 978-1-77146-353-9 Published by: In-House Solutions Inc.

The Mastercam 2017 Router Training Tutorial provides detailed coverage 2D Geometry Creation, Drilling, Contouring, Pocketing, Nesting, Block Drilling and Importing graphics to machine. Instructions on Tool settings, proper Stock setup and Custom profile tool creation are also included.

Mastercam 2017 Project Workbook

Mastercam Project workbookPrice: $70.00 Mastercam 2017 Project Workbook ISBN: 978-1-77146-357-7 Published by In-House Solutions Inc.

The Mastercam 2017 Project Workbook is ideal for high school students and those who prefer project-based learning.

The Workbook includes projects preceded by an overview of CAD/CAM and basic machining. You will learn how to use Mastercam to program 2D and 3D Milling / Router, Lathe, Solids and Art.

Mastercam 2017 Indexing Training Tutorial

Mastercam 2014 Indexing Training TutorialPrice: $55.00  Mastercam 2017 Indexing Training TutorialISBN: 978-1-77146-359-1 Published by In-House Solutions Inc.

The Mastercam 2017 Indexing Training Tutorial includes a project that describes the use of the Plane Manager for working with Tool planes and Work offsets.

The material provides users with valuable information for defining and working with different standard and non-standard planes, and takes a look at using Mastercam’s Transform Toolpaths in a multiple fixture environment. The book explains the using of the WCS for horizontal machining and how to complete a Tombstone project with multiple fixtures on each face.

Mastercam 2017 Mill-Turn Training Tutorial

Mill Turn Training manual
Price: $95.00 Mastercam 2017 Mill-Turn Training Tutorial ISBN: 978-1-77146-365-2 Published by In-House Solutions Inc.

This tutorial covers Mastercam’s toolpath functionality in the Mill-Turn add-on. You must have the Mastercam Mill –Turn add-on in order to use this tutorial, it does not work with the Mastercam Home Learning Edition.

To apply these toolpaths you need a multi-tasking machine tool, in our case Mazak Integrex 100-IV ST and a customize post processor. This machine configuration features second turning spindle and lower turret. Similar configuration machines such as Doosan Puma MX 2100/2600 ST can be used, keeping in mind that some machine specifics could be different.

The tutorials cover turning toolpath and milling toolpaths including multiaxis and specific toolpaths such as pinch turning. The parts are machined in both spindles, stock transfer and part handling routine are also described. Specific functions and options such as Job Setup, Axis combination and tool setup, automatic tool plane creation, synchronization and tokens are also covered.

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