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Mastercam 2017, Scroll down for Installation & Video and Instructions


Mastercam 2017 is released! With powerful programming tools and a streamlined workflow, Mastercam 2017 delivers new ways to make the most of your shop.

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Installation Requirements

To install and run Mastercam 2017 or Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS , you must have the following:

  • Installation program on DVD, on flash drive, or downloaded from
  • Valid Mastercam 2017 or Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS X9 license (HASP SIM or NetHASP). A single-user HASP is dark purple, whereas a NetHASP is red.
  • Update code information (current users only).


  • You can install only as a member of the Administrator group.
  • To install properly, you must have the Impersonate a client after authentication group policy. The Administrator group gets this permission by default.
  • When installing as an Administrator for other users, you must select the Anyone who uses this computer (all users) This option is the default setting for the installation.

For a New install:

  • Select the download file to install: Mastercam 2017 Download
  • After downloading, simply follow the instructions below to install Mastercam.

Installation Options

When you insert the installation media into your computer, the installation program runs. If you are using the Mastercam 2017 media, you are asked if you want to install Mastercam or Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS. Make your choice, and you will see the following options. If you are using the Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS media, the installation program goes straight to the following options.

  • Mastercam 2017 Installs: Installs using the default installation method. You can also repair, uninstall, or modify your installation. With the Mastercam installation, you can also install additional products including Mastercam Art, and more.
  • Utilities: Provides installers for the NetHASP Server and the NetHASP Monitor. For information on NetHASP Server and NetHASP Monitor, please see the 2017 Administrator Guide.
  • Documentation: Displays links to the Read Me, Installation Guide, and Administrator Guide documents.
  • Contact Us: Lists contact information for CNC Software, Inc.
  • Exit: Closes the installation program.

Using the Migration Wizard, you can easily update your X9 resource files to 2017.


Mastercam’s New Interface

Mastercam 2017 features a new ribbon interface, similar to the Microsoft Office products. The new interface capitalizes on your experience with other software, and uses that familiarity to make it easier to find the functions you need to complete your tasks.

The ribbon tabs group similar functions and display them in order from simple to more complex. Each tab relates to a type of activity, from creating wireframe geometry to generating toolpaths. Editing functions are on the same tab as creation functions, so you have all the tools you need when you need them.

The tabs also combine icons with text, making it easier to find the functions you need.

The Machine tab includes all of your machine types. Selecting a machine type displays a contextual tab that lists available toolpaths and related functions.

You can search through toolpath galleries that show icons with sample tool motion to help you decide which toolpath to use.

Click File to access the Backstage view, which contains all of your file management tools. You can access information about your current part file, customize your Mastercam environment, learn more about Mastercam with the Help and tutorials, and connect with the Mastercam community.

The Quick Access Toolbar contains a set of commands independent of the tab that is currently displayed. You can move the Quick Access Toolbar above or below the ribbon, and you can add or remove buttons as needed.

You can also right-click on a function in any of the tabs and add it to the Quick Access Toolbar by selecting Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Right-click in the graphics window for easy access to all your entity attributes with the new mini-toolbar. Select the popout button on the right side of the mini-toobar to anchor the toolbar permanently on the screen.

In addition, all of the selection functions are featured in the graphics window so you can access them when you need to.

Starting Mastercam

Mastercam’s installer adds shortcuts to the Start, All Programs menu and to the Desktop. Use one of the following methods to start Mastercam:

  • Double-click the Mastercam 2017 shortcut on the Desktop.
  • Choose Start, All Programs, Mastercam 2017.

The Mastercam initialization screen displays briefly, followed by the Mastercam software license agreement. After you view and accept the license agreement, the Mastercam X9 window opens.

Note: If you do not have a Maintenance contract, you might have to update your SIM code before you can start Mastercam. Please refer to the Mastercam 2017 Administrator Guide for more information.

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