18 12, 2017

Mastercam 2018 Hybrid Smoothing

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Mastercam 2018 includes a new enhancement to the 3D highspeed hybrid toolpath. In previous versions, sharp corner smoothing was only available in surface finish scallop, which did not take advantage of multithreading calculation. Now, in Mastercam 2018, one simple checkbox makes this option available in the 3D highspeed hybrid toolpath. Let 's take a look at how this works... To begin, let's compare two scallop toolpaths to show the effect this option has on the cut pattern. You can clearly see the effect on the sharp corners here in the highlighted area. From here, let's create a hybrid toolpath on the same model. Based on the initial parameter settings you can again clearly see where the tool motion makes abrupt sharp changes in direction. Now, if we re-open the tool path parameters and go to the cut parameters branch . . . we can simply check the box to enable smoothing. Then set a blend distance and click OK. Now the abrupt direction changes are replaced with smooth transitions. It’s that easy. As you can see, this new smoothing option will help to refine your machined finishes and create more fluid motion in your programs. Please be sure to sign up for our [...]

11 12, 2017

Sandvik Prime Turning Install

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Let’s go over how to download and install the new Sandvik Prime Turning module for Mastercam Lathe and Millturn. This innovative new system integrates both specialized cutting tools and toolpath engineering to produce phenomenal efficiency gains in material removal rates. The first thing you need to do is log into the Mastercam website and then go to the 2018 Downloads landing page. From here, select the Prime Turning Installation zip file. Once the download is complete, extract the contents and then right-click and select Run as Administrator. Click through all the prompts and in a few moments the installation is complete. Next, start up Mastercam and add the Prime Turning icon on the Lathe ribbon as shown below. Prime Turning uses a specific toolpath operation and a dedicated tool library, both designed to work together to take maximum advantage of this technology. Finally, create a toolpath and select a tool. Since this technology is very specialized we strongly advise that you consult all the data resources available from both Sandvik and Mastercam. As you can see, Mastercam continues to push forward on the cutting edge of CNC technology, helping you maintain the competitive advantage. Please be sure to sign up [...]

27 11, 2017

Mastercam 2018 Associative Linking

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There is an interesting new option in the linking parameters for Mill toolpaths in Mastercam 2018. In previous versions there were only two options available on this page – Absolute and Incremental. Now, in 2018, a new option called Associative Linking has been added which takes full advantage of the intelligence built right into the model. And, it will adapt automatically to changes in the model structure. In the example file above there are several operations using varying clearance heights. If you open an operation and go to the Linking Parameters page you will see the new option labeled Associative on each branch of the tree. For this example we have set clearance as an associative elevation relative to the top of the center boss. If that elevation changes on the model, the toolpaths will adapt accordingly. Next, go to the Model Prep tab and select the Push-Pull function. If you stretch the face of the center boss upward by an inch you will notice that the toolpaths have all been marked dirty when you click OK. When you regenerate the toolpaths all the clearance heights will automatically adjust to maintain the same relative distance from the feature. If you [...]

20 11, 2017

Preventing Upcuts in Mastercam 2018 Dynamic Turning

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There is a new enhancement to the dynamic turning toolpaths in Mastercam 2018. In previous versions of Mastercam, you had to be careful not to gouge the part with the tool holder. Now in Mastercam 2018, one simple checkbox and an adjustable clearance angle can help prevent upcut motions which fall outside the tools useable cutting angle. If we examine a toolpath in a previous version we can see that, based on the chained geometry, Mastercam will attempt to wrap the insert cutting edge around the entire machining area without regard to the exposed shank angle. This will cause a collision. Now, let’s examine the same toolpath in Mastercam 2018. Open the toolpath parameters and go to the second tab. Here you can see the new checkbox and button. If you click the Non-cutting Region button, you can clearly define the angle of engagement you want for the tool. If you simply check the Prevent Up-cutting box, the toolpath calculates clean with no collisions. It’s that easy. As you can see, this new enhancement makes an already useful tool even more flexible and dynamic. Please be sure to sign up for our 2 Minute Tuesday video series to receive tips [...]

13 11, 2017

Mastercam 2018 Simulation Presentation Files

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There’s a new option in the Mastercam 2018 Simulator to save full 3D executable presentation files. In previous versions we could capture and save MP4 movies, but viewers could not change the capture perspective or zoom level. Now in Mastercam 2018, the presentation exe files are standalone files that can be run on any computer and they allow full flexibility of the 3D viewing environment. The file below is all set up and ready to go with part geometry, stock, and fixtures. There is also a toolpath ready to go in all three fixture locations. Set the Verify options for how to define the part, stock, and fixture geometry, then go to the Machine Simulation tab and select the machine that you want to see in full simulation mode. You can also edit the position options to bring everything in line with the machine table and then make just the part geometry level visible. Next, click the button to launch Mastercam Simulation. Here you can see the two new buttons on the home ribbon; the first labeled Simulation in the mode section to the right of Backplot and Verify. And the second labeled Save Presentation in the demonstration tools section [...]

6 11, 2017

Leveraging CAD/CAM Advances

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reprint from MoldMaking Technology Often-overlooked software tools can enhance moldmaking business competitiveness. Mold builders have experienced difficult times as inexpensive labor enticed customers to look offshore in search of bargain pricing. This trend persisted even though many of these shoppers frequently paid hidden costs in terms of communications barriers, quality and leadtime challenges. In recent years, many of these issues have been resolved for manufacturers and U.S. mold builders who have established their own presence in distant locations. As time has passed, many of these distant suppliers have seen their own labor costs rise and the demand for higher quality increase. This has started to level the playing field to the point where North American mold builders and their customers are willing, once again, to factor the value of shorter leadtimes, reduced shipping costs and closer communications between designers and moldmaking engineers into their purchasing decisions. To stay in the game, mold builders everywhere must maximize the performance of their critical, skilled workforce and CNC equipment resources. Good CAD/CAM systems provide a surprising number of tools that can help mold builders do both. They provide so many, in fact, that busy users may lose sight of them. Check out this [...]

3 11, 2017

Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus® ToolLibrary

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4 Simple Steps To Prepare and Import Your Tool Assemblies Finding the right tool information to build tool assemblies can be a daunting task. It usually involves searching through multiple sources and entering tool information manually. With the latest release of Mastercam 2018, you can now easily import tool assemblies through CoroPlus® ToolLibrary. The library provides access to a catalog of digital tools that you can browse through and pick from to build assemblies for use in Mastercam. This will help increase speed and security in CAM programming. Here’s how you can get started creating your assemblies: Using filter commands Using the filter commands, you can search through the digital catalog to find the right tools based on your parameters, and place them in your item library. The Sandvik Coromant catalog will come pre-installed, but you can add any supplier's ISO 13399 cutting tool catalog simply by following the instructions under Administration > Catalogs. Creating assemblies Once you’ve found the right tool, create an assembly by clicking the plus sign next to a selected tool. Add or change inserts, holders, and adaptors. The system will only let you assemble tools that fit together so you don’t have to guess which [...]

9 10, 2017

Mastercam MachiningCloud Connection

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Searching for up-to-date, accurate tooling data can be a tedious, time-consuming task for CAM programmers. A myriad of websites, catalogs, and other sources are available for the task, but typically require manual entry methods that may result in data inaccuracies as your NC program takes shape. Every tooling manufacturer offers their own approach to making their product data available. It’s not only up to the user to find out if a tool is in stock, but equally important to ensure that its associated data files are comprehensive enough to get the job done right in Mastercam. The MachiningCloud application in Mastercam 2018 streamlines the entire experience, letting you quickly sift through its own cloud-based, digitized manufacturer catalogs with the latest inventory availability. Participating tooling manufacturers offer their product data through MachiningCloud, taking advantage of its dynamic search capabilities to narrow down tooling possibilities according to a product’s specifications. A growing list of manufacturers are already onboard, including the Kennametal Group, the IMC Group (Ingersoll, Iscar, TaeguTec), Mitsubishi, and others. With MachiningCloud’s native, cloud-based CAD and 3D viewer capabilities, users can review 3D models, build digital tooling assemblies on-the-fly, and package them into a single source, readable file format for use [...]

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