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A More Colorful AM Future: HP’s Color MJF Parts with AMT’s PostPro Vapor Smoothing

Colored Thermoplastic 3D printed parts via Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) have set the highest standards of color capabilities possible with powder bed fusion processes. These parts still have surface imperfections such as internal voids, residue powder, or partially fused powder among the most common. Significant performance enhancements that can be achieved through surface smoothing of color-3D printed parts via AMT’s PostPro® chemical vapor smoothing. Brighter true colors with surfaces that rival an injection molding finish while allowing for control of surface roughness, textures and gloss. Consequently, aesthetics and effects on mechanical properties of additive manufactured parts is controlled. Post processing through AMT PostPro unlocks the full mechanical property potential of 3D printing materials and ultimate performance of colored 3D printed parts. Improvements in elongation at break, water absorption, impact resistance, high cycle fatigue under load, antibacterial growth, chemical and UV degradation resistance can be gained through PostPro® chemical vapor smoothing.