Day 1: Formlabs | Unlocking the Power of Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

Replayed from a live webinar held on November 1, 2023

Watch the replay of Cimquest’s exclusive webinar series where four industry giants, Formlabs, UltiMaker, Nexa3D and 3DGence, come together to explore the world of carbon fiber 3D printing with their respective technologies. This webinar series is your gateway to understanding the immense potential and possibilities of carbon-fiber-infused materials with different machines and applications. First, delve into Formlabs’ carbon-fiber-compatible 3D printing system, The Fuse 1+. Formlabs was started in 2011, when three MIT graduate students built the first 3D printer that could achieve industrial, professional part quality at an affordable price. Through continuous commitment to innovation, Formlabs has become the largest supplier of professional stereolithography (SLA) and selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printers in the world.

The Fuse 1+ prints Nylon 11 CF Powder that will enable manufacturers to create strong, lightweight, and heat-resistant parts, without relying on traditional overlay or machining methods. Carbon fiber reinforced parts are used in high-performance industries for applications that require strength, heat-resistance, and stiffness, while remaining lightweight.