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It’s never been easier to bring manufacturing in-house, and with new gaps and blockages in previously reliable supply chains appearing every day, it’s never been smarter. The Fuse 1 SLS printer, now with 3 certified materials, Nylon 11, Nyon 12 and Nylon 12 Glass Filled, enables every manufacturer to take control over their means of production.

Material changeover on Powder Bed Fusion 3D printers is not as simple as other more common types of 3D printing technology. The Fuse 1, Fuse Sift, and related accessories are designed to be used with only one powder type at a time.  All the equipment must be thoroughly cleaned when switching powders. Mixing powders can lead to print failures or permanent damage to the machine.

To learn more about the Formlabs Fuse 1, its different materials, and the best practices when changing  over powder, watch this video.