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PET Carbon Fiber
for S series

Use UltiMaker PET CF to create high-performance applications, from functional prototypes to manufacturing aids and replacement parts. UltiMaker PET CF comes in multiple colors, is easy-to-use, and is versatile. Making it the perfect choice for composite printing on UltiMaker S series printers for a wide range of applications.

2023 S-series PET Carbon Fiber - Colors

PET CF 3D printing applications


Functional prototyping

Create functional prototypes with high-performance properties including impressive strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance. Use an engineering-grade material for your engineering prototypes.


Tooling and fixtures

UltiMaker PET CF is the perfect material for your manufacturing needs. It provides the performance and versatility for a wide range of applications: such as jigs, fixtures, and end-of-arm tooling.

Replacement parts and auxiliary components

UltiMaker PET CF is the perfect solution for replacing broken or hard-to-source parts. You no longer need to shut down a production line for days or weeks while waiting for a replacement. Instead, you can print a new part using PET CF, even when you need it to be strong or temperature-resistant.

Tailored and tuned for
S7 3D printers

Enjoy a seamless composite printing experience thanks to the complete integration of PET CF with UltiMaker S7 printers and S series printers: including NFC-equipped spools, the Print Core CC, and intent profiles in UltiMaker Cura.