Available until September, 30th, 2023

UltiMaker promotions August 23

Current Promotions for New Customers

S7 Pro Carbon Fiber Bundle

UltiMaker Q3 s7 promotion for new users

Purchase (1) UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle and (1) PET CF Expansion Kit and get $462 OFF:

Method XL Carbon Fiber Bundle

UlitMaker Q3 Method Series Promotion - New customers

Purchase (1) UltiMaker Method XL and get free ABS CF filament.

Current Promotions for Existing Customers

S-Line PET Carbon Fiber Expansion Kit

(available for all S series printers)

Ultimaker S series Q3 Material promotion

Available for order as a single SKU with built-in discount.  The expansion kit includes:

  • 2 spools of PET CF black
  • 1 spool of PET CF blue
  • 1 spool of PET CF gray
  • 1 CC (0.4mm) print core
  • 1 CC (0.6mm) print core

Try the new ABS Carbon Fiber

(available for all Method series printers)

Ultimaker Q3 Method Material promo

Purchase (5) ABS CF filament or (5) Nylon 12 CF filament and get a free spool of ABS CF.