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Carbon fiber is one of the most sought after materials for performance products. Now, thanks to advancements in 3D printing technology, the costs and difficulties associated with carbon fiber have been significantly reduced, opening the door for more applications like tooling and prototypes. So, is 3D printed carbon fiber the right material for you?

In this guide you will learn how carbon fiber has become more accessible than ever before thanks to 3D printing, and we’ll help you determine whether 3D printed carbon fiber is a good fit for your application, as well as how to choose the right Carbon Fiber based material for your specific needs.

Featured Topics

  • Making Carbon Fiber Accessible Through 3D Printing
  • Identifying Opportunities – When Does 3D Printing Make Sense?
  • Example Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Applications
  • Choosing the right carbon fiber setup from the UltiMaker lineup

If you are interested in simplifying your workflow or reducing the cost and time required to make adjustments to custom parts, download the UltiMaker Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Applications Guide and learn how you can use composite 3D printing for your business.

Ultimaker Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

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Download the UltiMaker Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Guide

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