Fused Filament FFF

Industrial Grade Performance and Build Volumes


3DGence F421


3DGence INDUSTRY F421 is a powerful ULTEM, PEEK and PEKK 3D printing workhorse. This industrial 3D printer is the fastest solution for engineering-grade materials with high printing speed. Big chamber volume – 380 x 380 x 420 mm allows printing large prototypes, production, and end-use parts.

3DGence F350


3DGence INDUSTRY F350 is a brand-new dual extruder 3D printer designed for industrial applications where accuracy, speed, comfort, and safety of the entire 3D printing process are crucial.

3D Gence INDUSTRY F340


3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is a TÜV-certified 3D printer designed for industrial applications. Reliability of the machines allows achieving high-quality and durable 3D printouts. Built for those vho value rapid prototyping at lower cost in a wide range of high-performance filaments.

3D printing filaments

Widest range of performance materials from ABS to PEEK

Choosing the proper material is extremely relevant to obtain the expected results of your 3D printed part. Check the high-performance materials designed for ultimate results.

  • Concept/Draft Prototype: ASA, PP, TPU
  • Engineering/Composite: PETG, PA-CF, PC-CF, PC-ESD, PA-GF,.
  • Ultra-Polymers: PEEK, PEKK, CF-PEEK, ULTEM
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Print with the same thermoplastics that you know from traditional manufacturing. Translucent, tough, resistant to chemicals or high temperatures – 3DGence Certified Material Base have them all. Every material from the base is thoroughly tested for best performance and print quality. Innovate faster with high-performance polymers or cut the costs with commodity materials, the choice is yours. Benefit from ready to use print profiles, soluble support materials and our wide range of materials.

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