UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle

Unleash true 24/7 3D Printing

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Transform the UltiMaker S7 into a manufacturing powerhouse. With 3X the material capacity. Automated filament handling. Humidity-controlled storage.

Material handling on autopilot


Easy front-loading for 6 spools


Stored at 40% relative humidity


Automatic material switching

Compatible with 190+ filaments

S7 Pro Bundle Materials

All the uptime in the world

Material Station

Designed for ultra-low maintenance and tested to be left unattended, the Material Station allows the UltiMaker S7 to print longer – day or night. Loading material into the Material Station takes seconds – not minutes. Simply open the door, drop the spool into a bay, and guide it to extruder 1 or 2. During a print, any spool that is not being used can be switched out.

3D print with more materials. More easily

Each of the Material Station’s material bays have NFC readers and reinforced prefeeders for integration with UltiMaker Cura and Digital Factory. Every spool is kept at 40% relative humidity, making it easy to realize more 3D printing applications with almost any combination of polymers and abrasive composites.

S7 Pro Bundle
S7 Pro Bundle Features

Plus every feature of the UltiMaker S7

Packed with our latest technology, the UltiMaker S7 takes print success to the next level. An integrated Air Manager and single door increase build chamber temperature stability. A flexible build plate reduces the need for glue and dramatically boosts productivity. And inductive probing makes it a lot harder not to 3D print a perfect first layer.

Transform Your Business

With the UltiMaker ecosystem

The UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle gives you access to the entire Ultimaker ecosystem, including:

• UltiMaker Essentials (unending enterprise software subscription)

• UltiMaker Cura (full settings and monitoring compatibility)

• UltiMaker Digital Factory (remote printing and management)

• UltiMaker 3D Printing Academy (e-learning modules)

• A global network of service partners (setup and training)

Packed With the Latest Technology


Print with 280+ materials

Unlock limitless potential 3D printing applications. These material profiles have been tested for thousands of hours by their manufacturers and users in the field.


Cura integration

Access the UltiMaker Cura features that speed up your workflow and increase print success – like intent profiles, easy remote printing, and more.


Backwards file compatibility

If you own an UltiMaker S5, your entire digital library of S5 print files will work flawlessly on the S7 – with no reslicing needed.


Anti-flood sensor

The redesigned print head detects potential flooding earlier. It also includes stronger magnets to ensure the print core door stays closed.


1080p camera

Mounted higher to give a better view of the first layers when remote monitoring. Monitor your print in high resolution remotely via UltiMaker Digital Factory.


Future-proof investment

The UltiMaker S7 will get better with age. New 3D printing workflow improvements are already planned via regular software and firmware updates for years to come.

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