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Mastercam Mill and Router 2019 Enhancements

Mastercam 2019

Mastercam 2019 includes many new features and enhancements to the milling and routing side of the software.

General Improvements

Accelerated Finishing technology addresses today’s finishing tool geometries and processes, resulting in greater efficiency and higher machining productivity when using Mill. Two new tool types, Lens Form and Taper Form, have been added, and Barrel Mill has been moved to the Accelerated Finishing group, with additional variations of this shape now available.

Skip Pocket Smaller Than is a new parameter that allows you to skip pockets based on a tool diameter percent, rather than by entering a dedicated size of the pocket. This is helpful when Mastercam thinks that a pocket is large enough to accommodate the tool, but the entry move is so compressed that the tool is effectively plunging into the part.

Check Holder is integrated with Mastercam and has been improved. Use this feature to check an operation’s tool holder for interference with the part. It calculates areas where there are interferences between the holder and the part and tells you […]

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Formnext Recap

Cimquest recently visited the FormNext 2018 trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. FormNext is the leading 3D printing global exhibition and conference with over 26,000 visitors and 632 exhibitors. It was held in Hall 3 with a floor space of 36,000-square-meter and will be expanding to 58,000 square meters next year due to the increasing demand. Six of our 3D Printing partners were exhibiting this year and we had a chance to check out their showcases.

The first partner was Rize, who had multiple new announcements. First is their new materials RIZIUM CARBON and RIZIUM ENDURA, which are both fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. The next announcement is their new RIZE CONNECT app that will allow users to manage and monitor printers remotely to maximize efficiency.

Third, Rize presented their new XRIZE full-color 3D Printer which will work with their new software and materials. The XRIZE has a build volume of 12 x 8 x 8 inches and prints with four-channel ink, CYMK, and […]

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Startup Businesses Can Claim Cash Rebates

We want to share this information because the window is soon closing on the opportunity to get up to $250,000 in cash rebates for startups purchasing new equipment. This equipment includes 3D printing equipment, materials, and service providers.

The following article was written by Charles Goulding & Raymond Kumar of

3D printing is poised to become an integral component of production in a variety of industries, ranging from traditional manufacturing and food processing to laboratories and architectural design. Reasons for integrating 3D printing include cost-reduction, increased efficiencies, and better methods for prototyping. Startups not only developing 3D printers but also utilizing the technology in operations have a unique opportunity to claim up to $250,000 annual in cash rebates as part of the Federal R&D Tax Credit program. To timely monetize the payroll tax credit, startups must file their 2018 income tax returns by the end of Q1 2019.

The Research & Development Tax Credit

Enacted in 1981, the now permanent Federal Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit allows a credit that typically ranges […]

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What’s New in Mastercam Design 2019

Mastercam Design 2019
Mastercam Design 2019 includes some great new functionality. Here are just some of the highlights.

Drafting Associativity
This new function shows which dimensions are associated to geometry. Mastercam displays dimensions that are associative with the Result color and dimensions that are not associative with the Group color. Rolling your mouse over associative dimensions highlights the geometry they are associative to. Mastercam will also display how many selected dimensions are associative.

On-screen Triggers
When you dimension an arc or a circle, small triggers appear in each quadrant of the arc or circle. These triggers can be used to switch between creating tangent and circular dimensions. Hover over a quadrant to create a tangent dimension, or hover over an offset trigger to create a circular dimension.

Mastercam Design

Solids and Model Prep Enhancements
You can chamfer entities, such as holes in cylinders, where the angle of the newly created chamfer face will vary. Disassemble now supports the selection of cylinders, cones, and other solid models without flat faces. Hole […]

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RIZE’s Hybrid AM Helps Solve Complex Warfighter Problems

SI2 Technologies, Inc. produces functional parts for the Department of Defense with their RIZE ONE 3D printer up to 6X faster and at a cost savings of $2K per part. They wanted one machine that could combine 3D printing and inkjet printing capabilities. SI2’s core mission is to ‘make things smart’ by pushing the boundaries of where antennas can be placed and how they can be made.

SI2’s mission requires the latest technology and innovation in the additive manufacturing field to deliver an advantage to the warfighter. Much of the development work that SI2 does happens in their state-of-the-art facility. Among their collection of modern equipment, SI2 has 3D printers ranging from entry-level consumer 3D printers to much more expensive and complex wide-format inkjet equipment.

Although SI2 had a range of 3D printers and wide format inkjet printers, they didn’t have a single machine that could combine these two capabilities. RIZE’s patented hybrid Augmented Deposition process solved this problem, simultaneously extruding engineering-grade thermoplastic and jetting functional inks precisely where they are needed in the part.

Airflow Chamber Apparatus

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3D Printing Unlocks Consumer Personalization

3D Printing

Razor manufacturer Gillette is piloting its Razor Maker™ concept—a platform that serves as one of the first examples of direct-to-consumer, end-use 3D printed parts. Using Formlabs Form 2 3D printers as its production engine, Razor Maker™ gives consumers the power to create and order customized 3D printed razor handles, with the choice of 48 different designs (and counting), a variety of colors, and the option to add custom text.

3D Printing

“Our partnership with Formlabs, and the power of their 3D printers, enable consumers to have a say on how their razors should look. We are excited to work with our Boston neighbors to pilot this breakthrough concept of customization,” said Donato Diez, global brand manager for Gillette and Razor Maker™ co-founder.

Unlocking Design Freedom and the Power of Personalization

The Razor Maker™ concept unleashes design freedom from designer’s desk to final product, and offers a glimpse into the future of mass-customized products.

“Combining our best shaving technology with the power and flexibility of 3D printing […]

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