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Import Organic Shapes into CAD – Part 3

Importing Organic Shapes into CAD

This post is Part 3 of the topic: Leverage and import organic shapes into CAD and today we will introduce you to Generative Design.

In previous posts, we briefly discussed the value of having the ability to capture organic shapes for use in CAD design. To illustrate this process, scanned our engineer’s hand and then integrated that scan into CAD in order to design a rotating Nespresso Pod holder.

Now, we will finalize the CAD design phase by using Fusion’s Generative Design, to assist us during the model creation process.

Importing Organic Shapes into CAD

By now, the Nespresso pod holder is almost complete. The base integrates the hand and forearm and we have a carousel that sits and rotates on a turntable about the center of the palm. Now we need to determine how the turntable will connect to the pod holders.

Importing Organic Shapes into CAD

Mastercam Divide Delete

Mastercam Divide Delete

Today we’re going to cover a new enhancement to the Divide/Delete tool in Mastercam 2019. If you were to use the Divide/Delete tool in the past, you had to manually select the pieces of wireframe that you didn’t want to keep. While you can still individually select each piece of geometry that you want to delete with this feature, this can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. Now, you can trim your geometry efficiently with the outline of our cursor.

Mastercam Divide Delete

To do this, start by going to go to the Wireframe tab, on the right side of the Modify group, and select the Divide/Delete icon which is located right next to the standard Trim/Break/Extend icon.

Mastercam Divide Delete

Like most of the popular CAD packages out there, with Mastercam 2019 you are now able to click and hold down the left mouse button and drag your cursor around. This will allow Mastercam to […]

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Cimquest Cincinnati Coming Soon

This is just a reminder that the GRAND OPENING of our Cincinnati office is taking place on March 26th from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Please help us celebrate by attending this event. It will showcase some of the latest manufacturing tools and technologies that can help launch your business to the next level. You’ll get to meet with Cimquest engineers and product specialists to discuss your unique applications. We’ll help you determine the best solutions to meet your needs—even if it’s not one of our own.

Event Features

  • See the latest in 3D Printing, Mastercam CAM Software, 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering Software, Inspection, and more.
  • Learn the benefits of Design for Additive Manufacturing and how to achieve a more ideal product design.
  • Hear presentations from Cimquest Specialists on technologies (listed above) and use cases.
  • Interact with real 3D printed parts made from a range of engineering grade materials.
  • Watch live demos of the technology in action.
  • 3D printing brands will include HP Multi Jet Fusion, Desktop Metal, Rize, Formlabs, & […]
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DSI Military Additive Manufacturing Summit & Technology Showcase Recap

Last month, Cimquest attended the DSI Military Additive Manufacturing Summit & Technology Showcase in Tampa, FL. The show had a common theme this year that DoD structure and acquisition are the biggest impediments to better leveraging the benefits of Additive Manufacturing. Qualification and testing of AM parts and materials, but at this point, there is no doubt that 3D printing offers significant benefits for Readiness and Agility in the US Military. Interdepartmental cooperation, minimization of duplication of efforts and clearer processes that allow new ideas to be tried and tested were important themes at the conference.

We are very proud to be able to sponsor one of the AMUG scholarships this year and we would like to thank AMUG for providing the giveaways.

More information about the DSI Military Additive Manufacturing Summit & Technology Showcase can be found on their website.

More Info

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New High Efficiency Milling Training Available

HEM training

The latest Cimquest Dynamic High-Efficiency Milling course is set to run March 19-21 at Mazak in Windsor Locks, CT. If you are looking for more ways to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing manufacturing environment it is imperative that you stay on top of new and emerging technologies. This Manufacturing Training series will take you to the next level and improve your machining production.

“I would recommend this class to others; it really makes you think of every aspect of the process, not just the programming side of it. I didn’t think of work holding and tool holding before or if the machine could even handle these specific operations.” – David Adams, HEM class attendee

This training course will teach you how to implement, evaluate and select components for high-efficiency milling to get shorter cycle times, reduce tool wear and extend machine life. You will learn guidelines to selecting key components with hands-on interactions to build your ability in identifying and creating an efficient milling process.

Limited Seating Available, Register Today!

Click the […]

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Special Offer from Rize and SOLIDWORKS


Accelerate Innovation with Unified Design and 3D Printing

RIZE and Dassault Systèmes recently made three key announcements:

  1. RIZE Receives Frost & Sullivan Award for Best Practices in Technology Innovation for Zero-Emissions Polymer Additive Manufacturing
  2. RIZE Announces $15M in Series B Funding from Innospark Ventures, Sparta Group LLC, Converge and Dassault Systèmes
  3. RIZE Announces Strategic Partnership with Dassault Systèmes to Drive Sustainable Innovation and Faster Time to Market

SOLIDWORKS is the world leader in driving innovation. Design for Additive Manufacturing requires a rich set of applications from generative methodologies, material science and advanced simulation available in the SOLIDWORKS portfolio. RIZE solutions integrated with SOLIDWORKS will accelerate product innovation for design, manufacturing, tooling and service.

RIZE 3D printers, including XRIZETM that lets you print functional full-color and carbon fiber parts, enables engineers to produce intelligent parts for design, manufacturing and service. RIZE provides a safe and easy additive manufacturing experience that will accelerate innovation among all users in offices, factories, schools and distribution environments. RIZE parts provide digitally connected and augmented experiences for […]

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