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February 2023

Upgrading Mastercam Mill 2D to Mill 3D

By |February 6th, 2023|Mastercam|

Upgrading Mastercam Mill to Mill 3D

This blog post will outline the benefits of upgrading a Mastercam 2D Mill or Router seat to Mastercam 3D Mill or Router. There are many shops that only have the capability of machining using 3-axis. In recent years, as machines get older and are replaced or as shops expand, some are looking to add some form of multi-axis machine. We […]

Xact Metal XM200C Demo 3D Printer For Sale

By |February 1st, 2023|3D Printing / Additive Mfg, XactMetal|

In an effort to keep our 3DP demo equipment updated with the latest cutting-edge technology, we are going to sell our Xact Metal XM200C to make room for an XM200G.

  • The printer will be discounted by 20%.
  • It will also include a year of extended warranty as if it was sold new.
  • All-in for this unit should be less than $117k assuming standard configuration.
  • This represents […]

January 2023

Choosing the Right Material for Different CNC Machining Applications

By |January 30th, 2023|Mastercam|

CNC machining refers to the process of using a computer numerical controlled machine to systematically manufacture pre-designed parts by cutting stock material in a specific way. These days, that stock material can be any one of a number of pure metals, metal alloys, or even plastics. Determining which of the many material options to use can be tricky. In this blog, we will delve into some of […]

How to Use Control X Comparison Point Analysis

By |January 27th, 2023|3d Scanning & Reverse Engineering|

This blog post will show you the Comparison Point Analysis tool which enables a Control X user to click arbitrary or specific point locations on the Reference CAD model and compare them to the corresponding point mapped to the Measured mesh model. This is a very useful comparison tool for identifying the accuracy of random point locations on the manufactured model.
Control X – [...]
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Fuse 1 3D Printing Workflow

By |January 25th, 2023|3D Printing / Additive Mfg, FormLabs|

Formlabs Fuse 1 3D printing Workflow

In this blog post, we will explain how easy it is to add a powder-based 3D printer to your prototyping workflow. We will specifically be looking at the Fuse 1 by Formlabs. Since powder-based printers require no support, they allow engineers to take full advantage of generative design and print-in-place components. Although powder-based 3D printing may […]

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