HP Jet Fusion 5400 Industrial 3D Printing Solution

Expand your offering with quality white applications using HP’s robust, manufacturing-ready industrial 3D printer.

HP Jet Fusion 5420W

Consistent White—Part After Part

  • Achieve white consistency, uniformity, and repeatability from your first part to your last.
  • Confidently print white parts that demonstrate outstanding shelf-life stability.
  • Gain post-processing freedom with white parts that enable more vibrant colors and better light refraction.
HP Jet Fusion 5420W

Enhanced Manufacturing Predictability

  • Uniquely predictable and consistent print time for any type of part—no support structures needed.
  • Reduce errors, failed jobs, and unplanned downtime with HP 3D Proactive Remote Service that includes service alerts.
  • Streamlined 3D printing workflow with automated materials mixing, enclosed processing station, and natural cooling unit.
HP Jet Fusion 5420W

Outstanding Part Quality at the Right Cost

  • Get the best of all worlds with a 3D printing solution that delivers top-quality white parts and efficiencies that enable low running costs.
  • Achieve outstanding quality—from fine detail and sharp edges to textures—and optimal yield at industrial-level OEE.
  • Achieve dimensional accuracy and repeatability that rivals industrial tooling—faster.

HP Jet Fusion 5400 Series 3D Printing Solution

HP Jet Fusion 5420W

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