Cimquest Technical Support

Industry-leading service and support from Cimquest ensures that you’ll get the most from your CAD/CAM investment. We are there for you every step of the way to help you increase your bottom line.

Cimquest provides superior technical support for Mastercam customers by offering Subscription Service. A Maintenance Support Program is also available for Dimension 3D Printing customers. Cimquest also has an extensive library of Post Processors and offers a Post Processor Editing Service for Mastercam customers.

Please have the following information available to provide to the Cimquest Technical Support Team:

  • Company and contact (phone and e-mail) information
  • Product Version and service pack or maintenance release version
  • Product Serial Number
  • Video card manufacturer and model
  • Video card driver and version
  • Hardware/OS information (i.e., RAM, OS version and type, network type, etc.)
  • SIM Number
  • Have a complete description of your hardware, including CPU, mouse, processor and memory.
  • An accurate, complete description of the question or issue. Send screen shots and notes for specific comments. Microsoft Paint can be used to capture and annotate an image. Use Alt-Print Screen and paste the results into a paint program.
  • If you notice any systematic pattern at all, suggest that to the technician. It might give him a clue. “It always happens on assembly mates”, “It only happens when I use my spaceball”, etc.
  • Try to duplicate the problem before calling. Our technician may require you to duplicate the problem while you are on the phone.
  • Be prepared to submit geometry, NCI files and other data related to your problem.

In addition, the support engineer may need:

  • The data files that are causing the problems. Remember that sending a drawing or an assembly isn’t enough. You must also send the parts. These files should be zipped to save space.
  • The performance files can also help provide debug information to tech support. If you have these, send them along also.

Contact Support


Support response time depends upon your support level. If you are unsure what plan your company has subscribed to please contact the Cimquest Accounting Dept. at (732) 699-0400 ext.2005.
Support Available From:
7:30am to 5:30pm – Monday through Thursday and 7:30am to 5:00pm – Friday
(732) 699-0400 option 1 or (866) 277-8778 option 1
(732) 699-0404
3434 RT 22 West, Suite 130
Branchburg, NJ 08876
Cimquest is proud to offer GoToAssist as a value added solution to meet your technical support needs. We have the ability to gain access to your computer to quickly and efficiently resolve your support issues.
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If you do not have a Support Key, please contact Cimquest Technical Support at 866-277-8778 option 1.