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2 Minute Tuesday

Two Minute Tuesday is the popular video series from Cimquest TV. Now in its fifth season, it focuses on various topics in the manufacturing industry. Every Tuesday you’ll find a new, informative video from the Cimquest Team covering Mastercam, a variety of 3D Printers, Solidworks, as well as Customer Spotlights, Tips & Tricks, What’s New, and much more.

Form 2 Desktop 3D Printer


The Form 2 enables you to print precise models with stunning surface finish – significantly smoother and more detailed than other plastic 3D printing technologies.

For more information on the Form 2, visit: http://cimquest-inc.com/formlabs/
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January 8th, 2018|0 Comments

Mastercam Opti-Rough Toolpath- Mastercam 2018



The Mastercam Opti-Rough Toolpath removes large amounts of material faster and more efficiently using Intelligent Dynamic Motion.

For info on our Dynamic High Efficiency Milling Training, visit: http://www.cimquest-inc.com/dynamic-milling-training/


January 2nd, 2018|0 Comments

The Vision of our Manufacturing Lab


This video shows the development of our new Manufacturing Lab at our HQ in Branchburg NJ. Through collaboration with industry-leading companies, we built this lab as a center for training on the latest Mastercam toolpaths and machine cutting principles. The lab will also fuse subtractive and additive manufacturing together for a production process that utilizes 3D scanning, inspection, and robotics.

Contact us today for more info: 866-277-8778 or info@cimquest-inc.com


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