Our Xpand3D virtual Design & Manufacturing event will be taking place next week (May 25 – 26). This event is free to attend and will include a wide range of topics to explore. Here is just a sneak peek at some of the 3D Printing presentations that we have planned.

“It’s not about the Printer!” How Applications Drive Choices in 3D Printing Technology

Many taking their first steps into 3D printing usually assume the focus is on the printer equipment when it’s truly about the output and what those parts do for you to support your business. We’ll discuss how important it is to work backwards in the process from implementation of the part, back to what additive technology will suit that purpose and not the other way around.

A More Colorful AM Future: HP’s Color MJF Parts with AMT’s PostPro Vapor Smoothing

Colored Thermoplastic 3D printed parts via Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) have set the highest standards of color capabilities possible with powder bed fusion processes. These parts still have surface imperfections such as internal voids, residue powder, or partially fused powder among the most common. Significant performance enhancements can be achieved through surface smoothing of color-3D printed parts via AMT’s PostPro® chemical vapor smoothing.

Additive Manufacturing: Reorienting the Industry for Production Manufacturing

Ed Graham is an additive manufacturing industry leader with a true passion for the future of manufacturing. At ProtoCAM, Ed develops and leads new strategies and technologies to move additive manufacturing towards end-use production. He places a heavy emphasis on operational efficiency initiatives in post-processing, quality, and automation. Ed works to support and empower staff to help establish a company culture that is energizing and rewarding. Ed’s specialties include Additive Manufacturing, DFAM, Post Processing, Leadership, Education.

How Functional Color is Changing the Game in Additive Manufacturing

Explain how functional, full-color 3D printing can accelerate the lifecycle of product development and unlock new performance opportunities compared to other rapid prototyping or traditional manufacturing methods. Recognize applications where functional, full-color 3D printing is being used in industries today and where it can be utilized in your own business.

Accuracies and Tolerances of 3D Printing

While Direct Digital Manufacturing aka DDM is becoming more popular, is it really going to ever become mainstream? Unfortunately, quite a few obstacles need to become overcome for it to really gain traction such as: speed, material costs, repeatability and accuracy. This presentation will cover these characteristics and take a look at various technologies that are breaking barriers and pushing to make 3D printing a viable alternative solution for manufacturing.

Liquid Resin (SLA) vs Filament Printers (FFF/FDM)

The presentation will start with a brief overview of the two technologies in the current additive manufacturing landscape. The two technologies will be discussed with an elaboration around ‘end use’ and how this definition can vary significantly by application. The key differences and similarities will be discussed, divided into the following groups: mechanical properties, current industry reliability/performance, operating logistics, and cost considerations. It will conclude with a few case studies and notes on the upcoming developments in each technology in context to these considerations.

This is just a sample of the topics that will be presented. For a full list of presentations, more details on the event, and to register, please click below.