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18 09, 2019

Desktop Metal Introduces a New Material – H13 Tool Steel

By |2019-09-18T10:07:03-04:00September 18th, 2019|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg, Desktop Metal|0 Comments

Characterized by its exceptional hot hardness, abrasion resistance, and stability in heat treatment, H13 is a tool steel widely used in both hot and cold work applications. Tool steel refers to a variety of carbon and alloy steels that are particularly well suited for toolmaking. Their suitability comes from their distinctive hardness, resistance to deformation, and their ability to hold a cutting edge at elevated temperatures. As a result, tool steels are well suited to shape other materials. H13 is a chromium molybdenum hot work steel well known for its exceptional hot hardness and abrasion resistance, making it ideal for [...]

30 08, 2019

Upcoming Form3 Workshop

By |2019-08-30T08:13:13-04:00August 30th, 2019|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg, Events, FormLabs|0 Comments

Join us for a workshop featuring the new Form3 from Formlabs at Cimquest New England in Sterling, MA. Levi Smith from Formlabs will be on-site explaining how the Form3 works as well as ways to utilize it, and a workshop will be hosted on processing a file and post-processing. Get a first look at this new offering from Formlabs. EVENT DETAILS Wed, September 18, 2019 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM Cimquest New England 68 Pratts Junction Road Sterling, MA 01564 Special offer: Formlabs is offering free resin to anyone who attends and buys a printer! Registration is at 8:30am. Complimentary [...]

16 08, 2019

RIZE 3D Printing for Production Tooling

By |2019-08-12T08:42:59-04:00August 16th, 2019|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg, Rize|0 Comments

In today's global marketplace, manufacturers are under great pressure to speed up production and increase efficiencies. To accomplish this, they must develop innovative prototypes and manufacture small-batch spare parts, all while cutting costs and adhering to strict plant safety standards. Inventory management is also an important component, as this can drastically drive down costs. With RIZE 3D Printing, companies can produce custom tooling, fixtures & jigs, and replacement parts all on-demand. In our first case, PSMI had the challenge of making replacement parts when the original manufacturer was out of business. Small batch parts were too costly to outsource and [...]

2 08, 2019

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Shorten Time to Market – Part 4

By |2019-08-01T08:28:14-04:00August 2nd, 2019|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg, HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology|0 Comments

Scaling to Production in Rapid Prototyping This is the final segment in our Rapid Prototyping series and here we will talk about scaling to production. When creating a new product, there are often two sets of designs: One set is for 3D printing prototypes while the other is for producing the part. However, most designers only think in terms of the latter. “When you’re developing a product, at each moment of the design, it is a final part,” said Gabriel Boutin, CEO of Syncro Innovation, an industrial design firm in Quebec, Canada, and the founder of Kupol, a new company [...]

31 07, 2019

Sand Casting

By |2019-07-31T08:17:31-04:00July 31st, 2019|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg|0 Comments

This article is a reprint from the Formlabs blog.  In the last segment of this casting basics, we will discuss sand casting. In the sand casting process, a foundry worker fills containers known as mold boxes or flasks with a mixture of sand and binder, then packs sand around the pattern. The pattern is removed to leave a negative impression of the pattern behind, and molten metal is poured into the cavity. An open-faced mold may be used for parts with features on a single side. Parts with features on multiple surfaces require closed cavity molds, with upper and lower [...]

26 07, 2019

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Shortens Time to Market – Part 3

By |2019-07-24T08:48:00-04:00July 26th, 2019|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg, HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology|0 Comments

Last week we discussed the “value of functional prototypes” in rapid prototyping and today we are going to continue with a discussion about the color capabilities of the HP Jet Fusion technology. Color Capabilities of HP Jet Fusion Technology There are many ways to improve the value of a prototype, but one that is often overlooked is the addition of color. With the HP Jet Fusion 580/380 Color 3D Printers, it is now possible to print fully functional, color 3D parts. Adding color to prototypes is one way to test final part colors, but there are other ways to use [...]

24 07, 2019

Indirect Investment Casting

By |2019-07-24T08:36:00-04:00July 24th, 2019|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg|0 Comments

This article is a reprint from the Formlabs blog.  So far we’ve covered some metal casting basics, as well as direct investment casting in our blog series on casting. Today we are moving to indirect investment casting. The process of making patterns from molds or tooling is referred to as indirect investment casting because it requires creating molds for producing the patterns in addition to final investment molds. Rigid molds for wax (often referred to as tools) are commonly fabricated by machining aluminum or steel. Machined metal molds cost thousands of dollars to produce and take weeks of machining and [...]

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