Columbus, Ohio-based company, Knockout Concepts, is developing a mobile 3D Scanner. Their objective is to create the mobile 3D Scanner that can go wherever you go and capture whatever what you see. The 3D Scanner is a first-of-its-kind unit which contains an integrated depth sensor from Primesense, the same technology used in 3D Systems’ own scanning device. As it happens, Knockout used a rapid prototyped version to present at Maker Faire, turning more than just a few heads.

Knocking out Concepts

The benefit of Knockout Concepts’ product, first demonstrated at Maker Faire 2013, is that it offers complete wireless mobility–no cords are required to tether the user to a laptop. All point cloud data is processed right on the device using a Quad-core ARM CPU/GPU with the 3D scanning being done in real time, right on the touch screen. The content is stored to memory in the scanner with an internal battery that will keep you scanning for 5hrs+ on a single charge.  The product renders a digital file that is suitable for further CAD development, 3D animation or 3D printing.

The Technology House (TTH), a product development and rapid prototyping company, first came in contact with Knockout Concepts when they needed show model prototypes for a trade show, the Maker Faire in Detroit. TTH asked Knockout Concept’s founder and CEO, Brooks Myers, the following questions on how additive manufacturing helped his product.

Why did you decide to use additive manufacturing?
“Additive manufacturing is an affordable way for us to realize our designs fast so we can test form factors and ergonomics.”

Why was the SLA process chosen?
“We wanted to bring a polished prototype to Maker Faire Detroit. SLA provides a level of finish that appears to be an injection molded part. You only have one chance to make a great first impression.”

How did the prototypes improve your product?
“The prototypes helped to improve our presence at Maker Faire and we were awarded a Maker of Merit Blue Ribbon! Not only were the prototypes professional-looking but they also helped us learn from our initial design and identify where improvements could be made for our next iterations.”

With a prototype, early-stage investors and continued development, Myers has filed for a patent on the portable 3D scanning system. There’s no release date for the scanner as of yet, but you can follow Knockout Concepts on Twitter @3Dconcepts and on their website to keep up to date and learn more about their product. If you’re in Ohio, you can also visit the Idea Foundry where they have demonstrated the device and hired engineers. Find out more on TTH and their additive manufacturing/3D printing capabilities to help launch products here or @Techhouserp.