30 year anniversary

This month Cimquest becomes 30 years old! While a small percentage of companies ever make it to that milestone an even smaller group makes that lengthy journey under the stewardship of the original founder. Even though this can be considered a great achievement, I feel that the passing of time is not a significant measurement of accomplishment.

There are so many people who accomplish so much in a very short time of existence, while others are blessed with a much greater amount of time but unfortunately do not leave nearly the positive imprint in the world. Now we all can’t be Henry Fords or Elon Musks, but we can all make positive contributions to the world in our own small but consistent manners. So while it is great to reflect on the number of years we have existed so far, I really would like to reflect on what has made Cimquest unique through all of these years.

If there is anything that I feel epitomizes Cimquest it is in our ability and willingness to pivot our focus and direction in order to stay relevant in a fast-changing world. You can see in the timeline below just how many times we have pivoted over the years to ensure that we are providing the right products, at the right time, for our customers. Only time will tell what’s in store for Cimquest in the future.

Rob Hassold,  CEO/Founder

Our History


Cimquest Founded

Cimquest Begins 1990

Cimquest was founded and started selling CadKey and Mastercam out of a basement. Hired first employee.


More Staff Gets Added

Hired additional employee. Added Pro/Engineering (aka CREO) product line to the portfolio.


Hired 3rd Employee

Hired 3rd employee. Brought on Ashlar Vellum for 2D Parametric Drawing.


Office Moves & Products Expand

Office Moves & Products Expand

Added UltraCAM for surface machining to our product mix. Moved into our 1st real office in Piscataway, NJ. Stopped selling Ashlar Vellum (10% of our business.)


First SOLIDWORKS reseller

First SOLIDWORKS reseller

Cimquest becomes the first SOLIDWORKS reseller in the world. Staff doubles to 6 employees and the first 3D Rapid Prototyping systems gets added to the product line.


Product Line Changes

Product Line Changes

SDRC purchased CAMAX (UltraCAM) and dropped most of their resellers including Cimquest, Inc. Cimquest represents the Sanders Modelmaker rapid prototyping printer.


Another New Product Gets Added

Another New Product Gets Added

Cimquest adds the Actua 2100 rapid prototyping printer to the product line.


Another Product Gets Dropped

Due to the success of Cimquest with SolidWorks, CADKEY drops Cimquest (28% of our business.)


Dimension 3D Printer Added

Dimension 3D Printer Added

Cimquest represents the Dimension 3D printer from Stratasys.


Office Moves to Bedminster

Office gets moved to Bedminster, NJ into a 7,300 sq. ft. facility and the staff grows to 18 employees.


Mastercam Territory Grows

Mastercam Territory Grows

Cimquest expands its Mastercam business into Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and DC.


Mastercam Territory Expands Again

Mastercam Territory Expands Again

Cimquest expands its Mastercam business into New England.


#1 Mastercam Reseller in the USA

#1 Mastercam Reseller in the USA

Cimquest develops a dedicated team of Mastercam Post Processor developers with the addition of our first international hire in Canada. We achieve the status of the number #1 Mastercam reseller in the US.


Another Move to New Office

Moved to a new 15,000 sq. ft. office in Branchburg, NJ and SOLIDWORKS gets divested which, at the time, represented 28% of our business.


More New Products & Services

More New Products & Services

Cimquest adds Scanning/Inspection/Reverse Engineering to our portfolio.


Office Space Increases

NJ Headquarters is expanded to 25,000 sq ft


3D Printer Portfolio Expands

3D Printer Portfolio Expands

Cimquest ends relationship with Stratasys (52% of gross revenues) to focus on production level additive manufacturing and a more diversified 3D Printing portfolio first adding HP to our portfolio.


Company Continues to Grow

Cimquest Ohio office opening

Cimquest becomes the largest Mastercam reseller in the world. Cimquest opens office in Ohio


Cimquest Heads South

FL open house

Cimquest expands into Florida with a New Port Richie Office


And Here We Are

And Here We Are

Cimquest fills out its 3D Printer portfolio with the addition of Nexa3D and 3DGence. Cimquest grows to over 60 employees.