Industrial-grade composites, featuring continuous fiber tapes for unrivaled part strength.

Fiber™ is the world’s first desktop 3D printer to fabricate high resolution parts with industrial grade continuous fiber composite tape materials used in Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) processes. Based on a new process called Micro AFP (μAFP), users can now print parts with a superior level of strength and stiffness and in a broad range of materials that traditionally required million dollar AFP systems.

During the μAFP process, one Fiber™ printhead deposits a continuous fiber tape along critical load paths to build dense reinforced sections while a second printhead extrudes chopped fiber filament to build a high-resolution exterior shell. The materials used to make the resulting parts are two times stronger than steel at one-fifth the weight (up to 2,500 MPa tensile strength and <1.5 g/cc).

Fused Filament FFF

Strongest Composite Parts

Widest Range of Materials

Accessible to all Engineers


Strong parts

Fiber™ combines the exceptional performance of continuous fiber with the ease of FFF printing to produce high-performance parts that are stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, and can operate continuously in the toughest environments up to 250 ºC.


Widest range of materials

Fiber™ prints with two printheads—one dedicated to continuous fiber tape; one dedicated to chopped fiber-reinforced filament. Designed for versatility, the printer supports a wide range of fiber-reinforced composites to enable a broad set of applications from consumer electronics to automotive.

Layers of continuous fiber are deposited via µAFP. Users can automatically optimize fiber orientation for maximum coverage, or enable Expert Mode to tailor orientation for specific loading conditions.


Accessible to all

With a wide range of materials, easy-to-use platform,  Fiber™ offers high-quality composite printing at a price point every engineer and designer can access.

Boasting superior materials and a large build envelope, Fiber™ offers unrivaled utility at just a fraction of the cost. With Fiber™, engineers no longer have to trade between high quality, speed, and affordability.

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