Accelerate the scan speed and capture more details of the scanned objects

Accessories: EinScan HD Prime Pack

It greatly enhances the Handheld HD Scan Mode of the EinScan-Pro+

lt accelerates the scan speed in Handheld HD Scan Mode and captures rich details of the scanned objects. It’s ideal for cultural heritage preservation, archiving, restoration, etc.

  • It allows makers free scanning under Handheld HD Scan mode when the object surface is with enough geometries, greatly enhancing the scanning efficiency without any object preparation.
  • When the object surface is without enough geometries, you can still scan under Handheld HD Scan mode with markers alignment.
  • The scanning speed is increased by 30%, capturing high-accuracy and high-resolution scanned data more rapidly.
  • It captures more details than handheld rapid scan mode under HD prime without markers.
Accessories: EinScan HD Prime Pack

Comparison in Scanned Details (HD Prime&Handheld Rapid)

Accessories: EinScan HD Prime Pack

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