Handheld Scanners

The latest generation of handheld scanners has been optimized to meet the needs of product development and engineering professionals on the lookout for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects.They are now more portable than ever before and are faster at delivering accurate and high-resolution 3D scans while remaining overly simple to use. Yet, it is their true portability that has changed the rules and set a whole new trend in the 3D scanning market.

Cimquest offers two different types of handheld scanners and their specs are listed below.

Easy to use, handheld laser scanner for metrology or reverse-engineering applications

Accuracy: Up to +/-.0012”

Resolution: UP to 50 microns.

Stand-off Distance = 12”

Depth of Field = 10”

Output formats: dae, fbx, .ma, .obj, .ply, .stl, .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, .zpr

Easy to use, Structured White Light scanner for color scanning and reverse-engineering.

Accuracy: Up to +/-.004”

Resolution: UP to 500 microns.

Stand-off Distance = 15.75”

Depth of Field = 10”

Output formats: dae, fbx, .ma, .obj, .ply, .stl, .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, .zpr

Texture Resolution: Up to 150 DPI

Texture Color: 24 bits

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