3D Scanning and Probing Technologies

Design X

  • Create a feature-rich history-based native CAD model by “best-fitting” sketches and features to the scanned data
  • Produce a neutral-format solid or surface model (e.g. Parasolid, Acis, STEP, IGES, STL, etc.)


  • Quickly create 3D polygonal and surface models from point cloud data
  • Produce a neutral-format, non-history based solid or surface model to be used in downstream engineering, manufacturing, art, etc.
  • Easy-to- use tools that will allow you to clean up, edit, enhance and improve the quality of the polygonal mesh


  • Superimpose and align our inspection scan (“Test”) to your CAD file (“Reference”), and produce visual results of your tolerance deviations.
  • Produce date and time stamped PDF inspection reports


  • Connect to a metrology device and perform real-time feature/model based inspection
  • Program and operate your CMM from within Verisurf with automated tools
  • Re-engineer CAD surfaces, or use mixed modeling to blend STL


  • Cimquest owned patented technology that scans internal and external features of
    plastic parts, holding tolerances of .0005”.Note: The only other technology with similar capabilities is a C.T. Scan


  • Analyzes point clouds and produce dimensional results in a first article inspection report, AS9102 format.