3D  Scanning, Reverse Engineering & Inspection Services

Cimquest has the experienced staff to perform  3D Scanning tasks by using 3D scanning for reverse engineering, quality inspection, design, prototyping, digital restoration, digital archiving, visualization, analysis and duplication.
3D scanning enables you to create and access data that can then be used in the manufacturing process to help you measure parts, create CAD data, make parts fit, improve quality, and more.

3D scanning is generally the first step in reverse engineering complex parts. The main goal of reverse engineering is to create a 3D CAD model for use in the customer’s CAD system.  Point clouds can then be triangulated into a polygon mesh, or STL file which can then  be suitable for 3D printing, reverse engineering and/or quality inspection.

Here are some of the products that our Scanning Services Team will use to complete your scanning project

Design Xdesignx-scan

  • Create a feature-rich history-based native CAD model by “best-fitting” sketches and features to the scanned data
  • Produce a neutral-format solid or surface model (e.g. Parasolid, Acis, STEP, IGES, STL, etc.)




  • Quickly create 3D polygonal and surface models from point cloud data
  • Produce a neutral-format, non-history based solid or surface model to be used in downstream engineering, manufacturing, art, etc.
  • Easy-to- use tools that will allow you to clean up, edit, enhance and improve the quality of the polygonal mesh



  • Superimpose and align our inspection scan (“Test”) to your CAD file (“Reference”), and produce visual results of your tolerance deviations.
  • Produce date and time stamped PDF inspection reports




  • Connect to a metrology device and perform real-time feature/model based inspection
  • Program and operate your CMM from within Verisurf with automated tools
  • Re-engineer CAD surfaces, or use mixed modeling to blend STL meshes, surfaces and solids in one design
  • Produce date and time stamped inspection reports



  • Analyzes point clouds and produces dimensional results in a first article inspection report, AS9102 format.




3D IRIS3d-iris

  • Cimquest owned patented technology that scans internal and external features of
    plastic parts, holding tolerances of .0005”.Note: The only other technology with similar capabilities is a C.T. Scan



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