Solutionix C500: The Most User-friendly 3D Scanner

Solutionix C500

The Solutionix C500 is a structured light 3D scanner optimized for scanning small- to medium-sized objects. With dual 5.0MP cameras, the C500 provides excellent data quality at a high resolution. In addition, the product’s high level of user friendliness makes the scanner even more attractive.

Automatic Scanning and Active Synchronization

3D scanning does not always take much work. With a single mouse click, users can get their whole object scanning done very easily and quickly. Another click to actively synchronize the model and camera views, enabling users to recognize any scanning position and to add more scan where it may be needed.

Automatic Calibration

Once the calibration panel is installed, clicking the calibration wizard will guide you through an automated calibration process. The whole calibration process may have been essential, but was difficult for users to follow. Now you will experience a genuinely user-friendly system and a fully automated procedure leading to extreme convenience.

Optimized 3 Axis Automatic Turntable

The C500 industrial 3D scanner is capable of performing scanning tasks easily and rapidly. Solutionix’s 3-axis turntable (TA300+) can effectively capture areas beyond the pre-existing limits. The TA300+ is optimized for automatic scanning of small- and medium-sized objects and can hold up to 10kg. With the TA300+, it is possible to work in cramped conditions without much difficulty.

Detachable Scanner Head

For scanning of objects that exceed the size or weight limit of the TA300+, the scanner sensor can be easily detached from the C500 stand and then installed on a tripod or other suitable stand for manual scanning.

C500 specs
scanner specs

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