Connect to computers wirelessly for complete freedom of 3D scanning.

Wireless FreeScan X5+

Unlimited 3D Scanning
Go wireless
Redefining the portability of handheld 3D scanners.
Brings you true freedom in 3D scanning.

Real-time visualization

Real-time data display on your smartphone or tablet, for ease of scanning of large objects and scenes.

Wireless FreeScan X5+
Wireless FreeScan X7+

Portable and user-friendly

Light-weight 3D scanner & “AirMaster,” intuitive workflow for easy operation.

Long battery life

Adaptable to measurement tasks in indoor, outdoor, and other complex environments.

Advanced operation

AirMaster wireless computational processor, with a built-in heterogeneous multi-core SOC processor, offers a calculation of image data completely driven by the hardware.

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