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3 11, 2021

ABS 3D Printing – Easy as PLA with MakerBot RapidRinse

By |2021-11-04T14:16:40-04:00November 3rd, 2021|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg, MakerBot|0 Comments

ABS is one of the most popular manufacturing polymers in the world, but desktop 3D printing with ABS has always been challenging. Warped and failed prints, expensive wash tanks, and chemicals for dissolving support material have all been limiting factors. Now you can print and post-process ABS parts as easily, and consistently as PLA with the new MakerBot RapidRinse™ Fast-Dissolving Support Material. Be one of the first 100 to join the ABS revolution [...]

2 11, 2021

Metrology Minute – Geometry Deviation

By |2021-11-02T09:42:51-04:00November 2nd, 2021|Categories: Metrology Minute|0 Comments

Geometry Deviation is a tool for measuring essentially everything that might be relevant for size, orientation, and location for a specific feature. For example, when measuring geometry deviation for a cylinder, the criteria of interest would likely be the size, location, and centerline axis direction as they all compare to the nominal (exact) CAD model. As you review the data blocks below, Control X can compare the scan data values to the CAD data values [...]

2 11, 2021

Explode Mesh Tool – Mastercam 2022

By |2021-11-02T08:02:00-04:00November 2nd, 2021|Categories: 2 Minute Tuesdays, CQTV, Mastercam 2022, Mastercam 2022 Video Series, Mastercam Video Series|Tags: |0 Comments] Explode Mesh Tool When working with complex mesh models, it may be difficult to work on a specific part or area. The Explode Mesh function allows us to separate multi-part mesh models into separate mesh bodies.

1 11, 2021

Mastercam Remains the Most Widely Used CAM in the World

By |2021-11-04T13:26:31-04:00November 1st, 2021|Categories: Mastercam|0 Comments

Mastercam is the most widely used CAM for the 27th year in a row. More shops and schools invest in Mastercam than any other CAD/CAM software package in the world. According to CIMdata, Inc., an independent research firm specializing in the NC industry, Mastercam is the number one CAM software used worldwide for 27 years in a row. In the latest report, Mastercam retained the top spot for CAM software in three categories: industry, education, [...]

29 10, 2021

Ultimaker Recently Announced PVA Removal Station

By |2021-10-29T08:18:06-04:00October 29th, 2021|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg, Ultimaker|0 Comments

a reprint from   Ultimaker CTO Miguel Calvo introduces the new PVA Removal Station [Source: Ultimaker] In an unusual online announcement, Ultimaker revealed an upcoming cleaning station. The company now bills itself as the “number one maker of professional 3D printers”, and they’re likely correct on that count. They’ve fully transformed from the hobbyist background from their launch, some ten years ago. Now the company markets equipment for professionals in various industries and [...]

27 10, 2021

Color Map Fitting Inside Control X

By |2021-10-27T09:02:25-04:00October 27th, 2021|Categories: 3D Scanning|0 Comments

In this blog post, we are going to take a look at Color Map Fitting inside of Control X. Color Map Fitting is a useful tool for analyzing the tolerances of 3D scan mesh files, relative to the original model. The image above shows a CAD model of a crankshaft with the scan mesh superimposed on the model. The image below shows the Color Map Fitting. We first selected the flatness of the scanned mesh [...]

25 10, 2021

5-Axis Machining – What are the Axes?

By |2021-10-25T08:15:20-04:00October 25th, 2021|Categories: Mastercam|0 Comments

Five-axis machining is taking the machining world by storm, and for good reason. This type of manufacturing, in which computer numerical control is used to move cutting parts or tools along five different axes simultaneously, unlocks incredible potential for any shop. Five-axis machining reduces labor hours, eliminates extra setups, increases production efficiency, and results in beautiful, complex parts. Understanding 5-axis machining is less simple, though. To help, we are breaking down each of the five [...]

22 10, 2021

3DGence Launches New Industry F421 3D Printer

By |2021-10-22T08:26:52-04:00October 22nd, 2021|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg, 3DGence|0 Comments

3DGence recently announced the launch of their latest 3D printer, the new Industry F421 printer. This dual extruder 3D printer is designed for industrial applications where accuracy, speed, comfort, and safety of the entire 3D printing process are crucial. It offers: Enhanced, high-speed mechanics for high-temperature printing of advanced materials such as: PEEK, PEKK & ULTEM. Composite ready with reinforced components to handle sequential printing of end-use parts Large, user-friendly tablet oriented screen with enhanced [...]

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