23 11, 2016

New Additive Tech for Large Lightweight Parts

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Stratasys' Scott Sevcik sat down with Arielle Campanelie from GIE Media Manufacturing Group's "Three Questions with an Expert” to discuss Stratasys' recently previewed Infinite-Build 3D Demonstrator.  Watch the video below. For more information about our Stratasys line of printers, please click the button below. More Info

29 08, 2016

New Sync View Option in Mastercam Simulator

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With the new Sync View option in the Mastercam Simulator, commands like pan, rotate, and zoom now register simultaneously in both the Simulator and main systems graphic view. This makes it easier to line up view positions between the two. In previous versions, commands like pan, rotate, and zoom in the Simulator had no effect on the main system graphics view. Likewise, using those same commands in the main system graphics screen would not affect the Simulator view. This means meaning that in some cases it would be difficult to line up view positions between the two. Now in 2017, the new Sync Views option keeps the two displays coordinated perfectly. There are a number of toolpaths selected in the file shown below. Click the Verify or Simulator button to launch the Mastercam Simulator and the external window opens. Now, under the View tab in the Utilities section you can see that the Sync Views button is enabled by default. If you change the graphics view (either by selecting a pre-defined one or manually panning tilting or zooming) the main system graphics screen updates to stay in sync. If you return to the main system graphics screen and alter the [...]

13 07, 2016

Non-contact Inspection for CAM Users

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Do you have a manufacturing facility or job shop looking for a more automated way to do part inspections and deliver a professional date-and time stamped inspection report to your customers? Combining the Creaform HandySCAN 700 and Geomagic Control software, inspect parts thoroughly and accurately to very close tolerances in just minutes using state-of-the-art laser scanning and best-in-class inspection software. Utilizing the same 3D models used for machining, Control places customer datums onto the model, transfers those datums to the scan, aligns the scan with the model and performs a complete inspection including; Color mapping, 2D Whisker plots, 3D Annotations, Feature-based comparisons, GD&T, 2D and 3D Dimensions as well as a fully configurable date and time stamped inspection report. Once the process is finalized and the first part inspection is completed, inspect the balance of the machined parts in a batch mode, allowing Control to do 100% of the work! Please email Joel Pollet, Senior Services Specialist for Cimquest, for more information.

27 05, 2016

New 3D Technology

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Magic Leap is an augmented reality headset developer that is working on technology that is a totally different concept from all the other AR and VR platforms that are out there. Magic Leap’s advisors, Boston-area serial entrepreneur Jon Hirschtick (most recently the founder of Cambridge 3D CAD software firm Onshape) stated, “When people say ‘Magic Leap’s 3D looks really better than others,’ they assume it’s better because it’s higher-resolution. Like how a new iPhone looks better than an old iPhone,” Hirschtick told me. “That’s not it. It’s not a higher-resolution thing. It’s a different concept for how it produces 3D.” The way Magic Leap produces images is by replicating “the way your eyes really work” by bending light fields – rather than by tricking the eye (using “stereoscopic” imaging) as other platforms do. With other projected 3D images, the 3D stops working when close one eye—though of course, you can still see 3D images in real life with one eye closed. That’s what Magic Leap has figured out how to do—which has been “an unbelievably ambitious project.” This technology works the way you normally see things. If you use the Magic Leap device and close one eye, and there’s a [...]

24 02, 2016

Stratasys Custom Materials Development

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Custom Materials Development Enables Printed Parts for Aerospace that are Electrostatic Discharge Safe.  By Scott Sevcik, Director, Aerospace & Defense Business Development, Stratasys Once a satellite is launched, there is no way to fix something that breaks. That drives the need for incredibly high reliability in an extreme environment. Temperatures can range from -150°C to +150°C within an hour, there is no air flow, and electrostatic charges can build up very quickly. An electrostatic discharge can damage or destroy the sensitive electronics required to operate the satellite, leaving a very expensive piece of space trash behind. All of these environmental extremes need to be planned for and addressed in the design of spacecraft equipment. The traditional advantages of additive manufacturing for aerospace – namely, reduced weight and increased design freedom – have led spacecraft and launch vehicle companies to ask Stratasys for help in addressing these challenging environments with 3D printing materials that can meet the extreme temperatures of space without risking electrostatic discharge. This avionics box, 3D printed with Stratasys ESD PEKK material, can dissipate electrical charge buildup without relying on post-processing steps to prepare the production part. To meet the growing demand for material solutions in [...]

15 02, 2016

Dynamic Motion Technology Workshop

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Come to this Dynamic Motion Technology workshop to see live machining in titanium and stainless steel! Methods Machine Tools, in partnership with Mastercam and SANDVIK Coromant present "Technology Day." By coming out for this event you will learn how to increase tool life and maximize material removal. Learn how Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion tool-paths deliver the most widely field-tested toolpaths of their kind. Talk with industry professionals. Compare conventional machining and Dynamic Motion strategies. See and hear first hand live machining demonstration. Event details When: February 24th, 2016 (Two sessions to pick from: 9AM - noon or noon - 3PM) Where: Methods Machine Tool 71 Union Avenue, Sudbury, MA 01776 There is limited seating and online registration is required in order to attend. Please use the button below to reserve your spot. Register Here

18 12, 2015

3D Printed Bottle Opener

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If you have seen us at any of the several manufacturing trade shows we attend each year, you may have noticed the 3D printed “giveaways” we offer to our visitors as a means to demonstrate the capabilities of our technologies. This year, our President and CEO, Rob Hassold, came up with an idea for a 3D printed ASA enclosed bottle opener for giveaways. These would nicely show off how a metal piece can be encapsulated in a part printed by fused deposition modeling. We knew this giveaway would pose a greater challenge than the hex bottles and shooter toys that we've been known to have, so we got started right away working on a design. First, we took careful consideration to measure the exact dimensions of the bottle openers we purchased. Using these dimensions, we designed a cavity exactly the size of the bottle opener into our model of the giveaway.  In a normal 3D printed part, a cavity like this would fill up with support material. Using the Insight software for a Fortus production printer, we are able to delete these layers of support and insert a pause in the build just before the layer where the cavity will [...]

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