Stratasys Material News

Stratasys Material News

Endur – Now Available in 20 Different Digital Materials!

Info from Stratasys February newsletter

Endur (RGD450), the advanced PolyJet material for simulating Polypropylene is now available in 20 Digital Material combinations. Endur can now be blended with TangoBlackPlus and TangoPlus rubber-like material to produce 8 new Digital Materials  which provide impressive impact strength for tough prototypes and12 new flexible Digital Materials with a range of Shore A values.

The Endur material, renowned for its durability and beautiful surface finish, is ideal for creating tough prototypes for snap-fit components, living hinges and other demanding applications. With the new Digital Material options you can now create:


  • Tough prototypes with thin walls and living hinges for consumer goods and electronics product design,
  • Prototypes that mimic polypropylene and over-
  • molding in the same build,
  • Tough, durable and aesthetic prototypes in a range of gray shades and differing flexibly. Earphone case featuring snap-fit lid and rubber-like over-molding.

    3D Printed as a single piece using PolyJet Endur and TangoBlackPlus Digital Material combinations.

    Outer shell – RGD 4830; Inner rubber overmolding – FLX4870 shore70; Stratasys logo on lid – FLX4895 shore 95




    ASA Takes FDM Thermoplastic to New Heights

    Designed for use in multiple industries, Stratasys’ new FDM ASA material features: UV stability, toughness & flexibility combined with matte finish, making it a great choice for outdoor, functional parts and prototypes that need to look good.

    ASA is easy to use on your Stratasys 3D Production Systems for all your prototyping and manufacturing needs, from concept modeling to end use parts. In fact, ease of use makes it a top pick for iterative design.

    Interesting Facts about Stratasys FDM ASA:Car Mirror with ASA

    • ASA stands for Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate
    • It’s now available in 10 fade-resistant colors!
    • ASA is the best-looking of the FDM material family
    • Sparse-filled parts in ASA use 63% less material than regular ABS-M30™
    The mechanical properties of Stratasys’ ASA equal or improve upon those of ABS-M30™

    ASA Colors

    Stratasys’ ASA materials come in 10 colors and feature less visible build lines for
    more defined surface finish and close-up details




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