Color ASA Thermoplastics allow you to bypass further painting or finishing steps, saving time and money

Endur Digital Materials are ideal for challenging geometries and repetitive testing – produce durable prototypes with thin walls, living hinges, snap-fits and moving or assembled parts

Stratasys’ tenacious new 3D printing materials allow you to produce more durable prototypes for repetitive testing and tough, color-matched assembly tools as well as end use parts more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional manufacturing technologies.

ASA thermoplastic technology now consists of eight new colors – added to the existing black and beige - further strengthening its perception as the favorite all-purpose material in FDM solutions

Think in Color with FDM’s ASA Thermoplastic Technology

The increase in demand for robust applications with UV-resistant capabilities has quickly established ASA as a popular all-purpose material in additive manufacturing. Stratasys is bringingeight new colors to the ASA product line: red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, white, dark gray, and light gray.

Applications ranging from tooling and sporting goods to consumer products and automotive end-use parts stand to benefit from the new vibrant color ASA materials. Engineers and manufacturers now have the ability to create end-use parts, functional prototypes, and jigs and fixtures in a variety of rich colors with strong, durable mechanical properties. Whether a manufacturer is measuring the effectiveness of color characteristics in a consumer toy or testing electrical and telecom equipment in various gray scales, ASA-created parts allow for unmatched artistic design without compromising mechanical properties.

ASA thermoplastics are compatible with the Fortus 360mc, 380mc, 400mc, 450mc, and 900mc 3D Production Systems.

“Now that ASA is available in a total of 10 different standard colors, it unlocks the freedom of creativity of our design customers, as well as addressing a very specific need to those in manufacturing by allowing our customers to bypass further painting or finishing steps,” said Stratasys product manager, Brendan Dillon.

Stronger Snap-fits, Living Hinges, and More with Endur Digital Materials

ENDUR Digital Materials are perfect for parts with living hinges and thin walls

You’d think that more than 1000 PolyJet material options would be enough. But not for Stratasys.  We’re introducing Endur Digital Materials – 20 of them to be precise.

In case you forgot, Endur, an advanced simulated polypropylene material, was launched in 2014. The new Endur Digital Materials combine Endur with other base materials, allowing users to create parts with a range of gray-scale colors with rigid material options, as well as the ability to select a variety of Shore A values with flexible material options.

Endur offers prototyping benefits to a wide range of manufacturers in the consumer goods, household appliances, automotive parts, consumer electronics and lab equipment industries. Ideal for challenging geometries and repetitive testing, Endur Digital Materials can produce thin walls, living hinges, snap-fits and moving or assembled parts. Examples include containers, CD cases, gaskets, shoe soles or handles.

“By introducing Endur Digital Materials, we are giving customers more flexibility and versatility to 3D print durable prototypes,” said Boaz Jacobi, director of product management for PolyJet consumables. “It’s a superior PolyJet solution for living-hinge and snap-fit applications.”