8 03, 2017

Cimquest Expands 3D Printing Services

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  We recently acquired the next generation Stratasys Fortus 900mc, a robust FDM production 3D printer built for functional prototyping, manufacturing aids, tooling and short-run direct digital manufacturing. This addition has expanded our 3D printing services department by increasing our capacity to print large scale parts and larger volume projects. This means you now have the option to print parts in the newly released Nylon 6 engineering-grade thermoplastic. FDM Nylon 6 offers the best combination of strength and toughness among current Stratasys FDM materials. It enables creation of functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and production parts with high impact and tensile strength. Are you ready to get a quote for your next 3D printing project? It couldn’t be easier. Just email us your CAD file (a solid from SolidWorks, Solidedge, Inventor, CATIA, Pro E, STEP, SAT or IGES) along with your phone number and one of our representatives will contact you with a quote. Or you can also click the button below for more information and to request a quote through our APTUS system. [button link="" color="default" size="" stretch="" type="" shape="" target="_self" title="" gradient_colors="|" gradient_hover_colors="|" accent_color="" accent_hover_color="" bevel_color="" border_width="1px" icon="" icon_divider="yes" icon_position="left" modal="" animation_type="0" animation_direction="down" animation_speed="0.1" animation_offset="" alignment="left" class="" id=""]Get a Quote[/button]

10 02, 2017

Why Choose Cimquest as Your Mastercam Reseller?

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Cimquest has been supplying and supporting Mastercam to the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions for over 25 years and we have been named “Mastercam’s #1 North American Reseller” for the 2nd year in a row! Our customers manufacture incredible products and compete globally every day. They manufacture products for medical, aerospace, military, music instruments and even one-off historical restorations. They have to stay one step ahead of the competition by reducing cycle times, increasing productivity and having a consultative supplier with many solutions allows them to be successful. Here are the top 7 ways we help our customers to be successful. Here are the top 7 ways we help our customers succeed: Custom CNC Post Processors - When our customers purchase another CNC machine or need to improve their current CNC program format our dedicated Post Department team make it happen. Quick Technical Assistance - When our customers run into a jam they rely on our experienced Application Engineers to provide quick assistance and offer custom programming assistance when they get backlogged. Our top level plan provides 1 hour guaranteed phone response time from 7:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday. Mastercam Training - When our customers need to learn the basics or jump to the next level of Mastercam we provide ongoing performance-based learning at locations in NJ, PA, MA and CT as well custom training at customer facilities. Manufacturing Training. When our customers need to improve their employees' abilities we provide hands-on application training to increase knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our exclusive Dynamic High-Efficiency Milling will teach the skills needed to reduce cycle times up to 75% by matching Mastercam Dynamic toolpaths to tooling and CNC capabilities along with classes in GD&T. Cimquest 2 Minute Tuesday and CQTV videos - Cimquest's popular video series provides our customers with software tips, product demonstrations, customer and partner spotlights and more to keep you in tune the products you own and the manufacturing community, all in two minutes. 3D Scanning/CAD/CNC toolpath/Inspection Services - When our customers need to reproduce a part that has no drawings or models, we offer an unmatched service in 3D scanning to CAD to Toolpath and even inspection or any step along the way. Cimquest Events - When our customers are looking for the latest solution to machining, 3D printing applications, 3D scanning or part inspection we offer unique educational seminars based on problem applications. We show our appreciation to our customers at our yearly open house by offering an incredible wealth of knowledge from our 20 plus seminars, guest speakers, partners and delicious food with great networking opportunities from several hundred other companies. As one of the leading CAD/CAM, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping integrators in the industry, our goal is to provide you with the products and skills to achieve the precision production that is standard in manufacturing today. Please click the button below to contact us via email, or call us today at 866-277-8778 to find out how we can help YOU! [button link="" color="default" [...]

22 04, 2016

Cimquest Products Help You Make Things Better

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In today’s manufacturing environment technological advancements arrive at an exponential pace. It is essential for manufacturers to evaluate, adopt and effectively employ these technologies to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Cimquest positions our customers to select the appropriate tools for their needs, most effectively utilize those applications and remain current with emerging technologies through training and consulting tailored to their unique operations. We provide a diverse range of manufacturing solutions, whether additive or subtractive and can fulfill any 3D printer and Mastercam CAD/CAM requirements. For the past 25 years we have been continually growing our product lines to ensure that no matter what your manufacturing challenge is, Cimquest can help with the right tool for your needs. As one of the leading CAD/CAM, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping integrators in the industry, our goal is to help you improve your processes using innovative technologies. We maintain the knowledge and skills to customize solutions to your needs. Our Products Mastercam - Our Mastercam CAD/CAM products offer remarkable application and budgetary flexibility. Stratasys - The World’s largest provider of 3D Printing Technology produces state-of-the-art 3D Printers, which serve companies across all industries. Aptus - Cimquest’s new APTUS 3D Printing Quoting Engine provides an immediate quote allowing you to select materials, colors, and more for your custom printed part. Rapid Inspection - Cimquest’s proprietary IRIS 3D Scanning Technology scans the entire part allowing first article reports in as little as 48-hours. Cimco DNC - DNC-Max provides end-to-end functionality designed to make every aspect of CNC communications more reliable and efficient. Master3DGage - The PC-based Master3DGage™ portable CMM system uses precise 3D model-based software to quickly and accurately verify part quality Moldplus - A complete set of modeling tools for clients creating electrodes, vacuum forming tools, and any part model that requires surface correction or manipulation. Robotmaster - Robotmaster is an off-line programming software that provides quick and easy tools for industrial robotics and manufacturing. Streaming Teacher - Provides subscription-based training materials for Mastercam using step-by-step instruction, real world projects that allow students to work along with the lessons being shown in the videos. Verisurf - Verisurf provides the most complete and powerful solution in coordinate measuring technology. Engineering Computers - Cimquest can custom build engineering grade computers to your exact needs, giving you all the power you need to get your jobs done quickly and efficiently. Cimquest has been the leading resource for Mastercam and the complete line of Stratasys 3D Printers and Production Systems for the past 25 years. We have brought the best design and manufacturing products to our customers along with training, services serving the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. Contact us today by clicking the button below to see how we can help your business. Contact us    

29 01, 2016

Top Factors that Affect 3D Printing Price

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We often receive questions regarding 3D printing. Most often people want to know what determines the price of 3D printing services? Part size and geometry understandably affect price, but there are other details that can alter the price of your parts. The following factors will impact the price of printing your 3D part. Material We charge based on the amount of material that’s needed to build your part and what material you choose. Material cost is associated with the mechanical properties as well as ease and speed of manufacturing. If you’re looking for the most cost effective material, a simple prototyping photopolymer would probably be the best option; if you have more functional requirements, you may need a higher strength material which could be more expensive. The amount of support material on your design can also affect the price. Optimizing your design with self-supporting angles (usually around 45 degrees or more) uses less support material and can help reduce material expenses. Layer Height Layer height is the measure of each layer of a 3D printed part. Depending on the technology, a thinner layer height can reduce visible “stair-stepping” or the inherent ridges on the surface of 3D printed parts and improve the surface quality and definition of the part, but can create a higher price because of the increased overall build time as a result of either the print head moving back and forth more times or having to deposit more layers of powder. You have the option of choosing the best layer height for your application within our quoting system. Wall Thickness Wall thickness affects the minimum layer height for your part which, as mentioned above, affects quote price. Various materials have unique minimum wall thickness requirements based on the 3D printing process and mechanical properties. Thinner walls can lower the build time therefore lower costs, but too thin could mean flimsy features, holes, gaps, and missing pieces. Your main considerations should be geometry and part application when choosing wall thickness. Sparse- or Solid-Fill If you have an enclosed part, like a cube for example, it can be filled solid or Stereolithography and Fused Deposition Modeling allow you to build with a custom interior density using air gaps between the exterior walls. This build technique, called ID-Light, uses less material and is faster, resulting in a lower price compared to a solid-fill, however it can slightly affect overall part strength. We recommend working with a project engineer on these applications. Labor Labor costs depend on your part requirements, the 3D printing process, and the material you order. Metal parts built with DMLS, for instance, must be machined off of the platform, adding more hands-on labor time into the process. If your part requires a smooth surface or coatings, the price will likely be higher than a raw part only requiring support removal. Lead Time Time can play a big role in the cost of a part. If you need a part right away, we have to make space for [...]

13 11, 2015

Reverse Engineering Solutions from Cimquest

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Cimquest Sales and Scanning Services now offers reverse engineering services and Design X software to our customers and prospects. Whether you prefer to have us scan your part, or if you want to bring that process in house, we are here to help you make that happen. Watch the video above to see how Design X, a premier reverse-engineering software can process data produced by essentially any 3D scanner in existence today. Whether you need to reverse engineer mechanical parts for the production of engineering drawings or you want to be able to print duplicates of your favorite organic shapes, Design X offers a diverse selection of engineering solutions that are truly best in class. Generates history-based CAD models with feature trees. Convert to your preferred file format, including SolidWorks,
Creo, NX, Inventor, AutoCAD, CATIA and others. Point cloud, mesh, surface and solid modeling all in one application. Complements your CAD software by creating native models with feature trees – the most popular type of design models. For more information on Cimquest Scanning Services and/or Design X software click the button below, give us your contact info and we will get back to you shortly. Request More Info

10 07, 2015

Mastercam Training Summer Promotion

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Cimquest is currently running a special “Summer School” training promotion. For the entire Summer when you register for one training class you get a second seat in that same class at 50% off! Add a third person to the class and get $250 off Rapid Prototyping Services. Please note that this offer is for open enrollment (regularly scheduled training classes). Not valid for onsite training or consultation. No other discounts apply. Order by Sept 21, 2015 and training must be completed by end of 2015. Register by clicking on the button below and use the PROMO CODE: TRAIN2015 in the comment box. Register Now  

26 06, 2015

Smooth and Seamless Product Implementation

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Our products and services are customized to fit each individual company’s needs. We use your existing strengths and weaknesses to determine which products will produce the greatest results. Our extensive implementation process will seamlessly assist your organization in planning, implementation, design and development of products and systems. Cimquest has always been focused on customers. We know that the success of our business depends on your success, and have made it our mission to ensure that you not only get the right product for your needs, but also that months and years into the ownership, you continue to be successful with it. Through the years we have offered and continue to offer a number of customer programs to facilitate that mission. How CIMS works for you: Each new customer installation is assigned an Account Implementation Manager (AIM). Your AIM is a dedicated engineer/machinist whose goal is to aid in successfully guiding you through your customized product implementation schedule. Your AIM will process the initial evaluation of your organizational structure, industry and CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping needs. A report will be supplied to you indicating our analysis and recommendations. The best part about the CIMS program is that it is simple and doesn’t cost you an additional dollar! A few days after purchase, your AIM will contact you to discuss when you should expect your delivery, what items you will receive and what the proper installation process entails. They will follow up after delivery to ensure that delivery was as expected and to answer any additional implementation questions or concerns. A few months later they again contact you to answer additional questions and be sure that things have continued to progress as you expected. Of course Technical Support is always available as a part of your Subscription Service Program so that you can call in with questions, but this is an additional opportunity for us to ensure that you are continually and increasingly productive with the solution that we recommended. We know that you will find great success in our CIMS program and we intend to continue providing the same stellar products, support and services that you have come to expect from the team at Cimquest. Contact us today! Toll Free: 866-277-8778 Email Sales: Email Support:

2 03, 2015

Stratasys Material News

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Endur – Now Available in 20 Different Digital Materials! Info from Stratasys February newsletter Endur (RGD450), the advanced PolyJet material for simulating Polypropylene is now available in 20 Digital Material combinations. Endur can now be blended with TangoBlackPlus and TangoPlus rubber-like material to produce 8 new Digital Materials  which provide impressive impact strength for tough prototypes and12 new flexible Digital Materials with a range of Shore A values. The Endur material, renowned for its durability and beautiful surface finish, is ideal for creating tough prototypes for snap-fit components, living hinges and other demanding applications. With the new Digital Material options you can now create:   Tough prototypes with thin walls and living hinges for consumer goods and electronics product design, Prototypes that mimic polypropylene and over- molding in the same build, Tough, durable and aesthetic prototypes in a range of gray shades and differing flexibly. Earphone case featuring snap-fit lid and rubber-like over-molding. 3D Printed as a single piece using PolyJet Endur and TangoBlackPlus Digital Material combinations. Outer shell – RGD 4830; Inner rubber overmolding – FLX4870 shore70; Stratasys logo on lid – FLX4895 shore 95     ASA Takes FDM Thermoplastic to New Heights Designed for use in multiple industries, Stratasys’ new FDM ASA material features: UV stability, toughness & flexibility combined with matte finish, making it a great choice for outdoor, functional parts and prototypes that need to look good. ASA is easy to use on your Stratasys 3D Production Systems for all your prototyping and manufacturing needs, from concept modeling to end use parts. In fact, ease of use makes it a top pick for iterative design. Interesting Facts about Stratasys FDM ASA: ASA stands for Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate It’s now available in 10 fade-resistant colors! ASA is the best-looking of the FDM material family Sparse-filled parts in ASA use 63% less material than regular ABS-M30™ The mechanical properties of Stratasys’ ASA equal or improve upon those of ABS-M30™ Stratasys’ ASA materials come in 10 colors and feature less visible build lines for more defined surface finish and close-up details      

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