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Cimquest’s line of 3D Printers includes systems for plastic, metal, and paper 3D printing. We realize there isn’t an “all-in-one” system that can accomplish everything so we offer multiple technologies that serve a diverse set of applications and industries. From entry-level printers to industrial systems, we have the tech to help you produce conceptual & functional prototypes, end-use parts, models, manufacturing tooling, jigs & fixtures, and more. We provide full-service implementation and our award-winning technical support team will give you piece of mind whenever an issue arises.

Our Product Lines:

HP Jet Fusion – Total end-to-end solutions for prototyping and mid-run production.

Desktop Metal – Print complex metal parts in-house that perform similarly to wrought alloys and up to ten times cheaper than comparable systems.

Rize – Print parts in engineering and medical-grade thermoplastics that are stronger in Z strength than other extrusion-based systems.

Formlabs – Low-entry cost systems that print precise models, functional prototypes, and tooling with stunning surface finish

Netfabb – Streamlines your additive workflow and quickly gets you from a 3D model to successfully printed parts.

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