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5 08, 2016

Handy Scan – Versatile Metrology Solution

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The Handy Scan 3D 700 is a portable yet versatile metrology solution from Creaform. Through 3D scanning, companies can effectively conduct reverse engineering and inspection operations throughout the product development process. The Handy Scan is a handheld laser scanner optimized to meet the demands of engineers. It features 7 lasers that produce a highly detailed point cloud from physical parts and assemblies. To setup the scanner, simply connect it to a laptop or workstation with a USB and power cable. Next, you stage your part by placing the targets, which will enable the lasers to triangulate and generate the scan data. Surprisingly enough, you can be up and running in just a few minutes. There are several great features about this scanner. For example, it features multi-functional buttons that allow me to do things like adjust the zoom, the shutter, and even initiate my scan without having to go back and forth to your computer. Another benefit is its accuracy and speed. It produces scans with tolerances of up to 30 microns and has one of the highest measurement rates on the market, 480,000 measures/s. This allows for timely scanning in an age where speed is critical to success. Finally, [...]

25 07, 2016

Handy Scan 3D 700

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http://cimquesttv.wistia.com/medias/suk86fsepl?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640 A portable and ergonomic laser scanner, the Handy Scan has an impressive accuracy and speed for its size. It achieves repeatable results across all work environments and can function in a range of applications such as concept and CAD design, quality control, tooling, and even assembly/production.

9 03, 2016

Cimquest Answers Your 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering Needs

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We now have a wide spectrum of scanning, reverse engineering, and metrology services that we provide in-house. Whether you need to capture organic shapes or generate highly accurate scans of mechanical parts, our experts will apply first-rate technologies to get your jobs done. Through our services we can: Capture high resolution 3D scans with state-of-the-art scanners. Modify and repair point clouds from scanned data. Carry out solid and surface modeling on parts. Measure internal and external features of injection molded plastic parts. Compare CAD files to scan or point clouds for precise inspection and much more. To learn more about these services, please click the button below. More Info

2 03, 2016

Introducing Rapid Inspection, LLC

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The assets of CGI, Inc. have been acquired by Rapid Inspection, LLC, a subsidiary of Cimquest Inc. based in Branchburg NJ with branch offices in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Rapid Inspection, LLC will concentrate on using the unique 3D scanning technology (3D IRIS) acquired from CGI to supply highly accurate internal and external scans to aid injection molders with faster tooling qualification and robust processes. 3D IRIS offers a diverse range of inspection services, including scans for: 100 percent First Article report As9102 Format (injection molded and 3D printed parts) Comparison part to 3D CAD model (3D colormap files) Part to part comparison (3D colormap files) Cavity to cavity • prototype to production mold • mold to mold 3D printed part to injection molded part Injection mold process DOE samples More Info

22 01, 2016

New 3D Scanners from Creaform

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We have expanded our metrology and reverse-engineering product line to include new 3D scanners from Creaform. The Go!SCAN 3D produces fast and reliable measurements in a portable and compact form. With the ability to capture 3D organic shapes in full color, this white light scanner can be used for a diverse range of applications, assisting engineers throughout each step of the product development process. We also offer the Handy Scan 3D, a handheld laser scanner of new generation. This flagship scanner matches portability with accuracy, providing high resolution scans of mechanical parts at a rate 25 times faster than the previous generation. Creaform Scanners come equipped with VXelements, a fully integrated 3D software which delivers real-time visualization, in a user friendly interface. Enhancements such as hole filling and surface optimization deliver exceptional control over the scanning experience. If you desire versatility, speed, and ease of use, then Creaform Scanners are the optimal solution for your metrology and reverse-engineering needs! In addition, both the Handy-SCAN and Go!SCAN handheld scanners fully integrate with our flagship reverse-engineering and metrology software products, thus allowing Cimquest to offer more diverse solutions for 3D Scanning coupled with complete compatibility to our existing software products. To learn [...]

13 11, 2015

Reverse Engineering Solutions from Cimquest

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Cimquest Sales and Scanning Services now offers reverse engineering services and Design X software to our customers and prospects. Whether you prefer to have us scan your part, or if you want to bring that process in house, we are here to help you make that happen. Watch the video above to see how Design X, a premier reverse-engineering software can process data produced by essentially any 3D scanner in existence today. Whether you need to reverse engineer mechanical parts for the production of engineering drawings or you want to be able to print duplicates of your favorite organic shapes, Design X offers a diverse selection of engineering solutions that are truly best in class. Generates history-based CAD models with feature trees. Convert to your preferred file format, including SolidWorks,
Creo, NX, Inventor, AutoCAD, CATIA and others. Point cloud, mesh, surface and solid modeling all in one application. Complements your CAD software by creating native models with feature trees – the most popular type of design models. For more information on Cimquest Scanning Services and/or Design X software click the button below, give us your contact info and we will get back to you shortly. Request More Info

11 06, 2014

Exploring a New World of 3D Printed Product Realism with Flexible Color Digital Materials

By | 2016-12-15T14:31:12+00:00 June 11th, 2014|Categories: 3D Printing / Additive Mfg, 3D Scanning, Stratasys|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Reprinted from the Stratasys Blog: 9 Jun. 2014 by Galit Beck Today we’re excited to unveil Stratasys’ extended range of flexible and rigid material options for theObjet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer. With these new color palettes, Stratasys is continuing to expand your ability to improve the look, feel and functionality of your 3D printed parts. The new offerings comprise six flexible material palettes,  featuring  more than 200 vibrant color shades  in a wide range of Shore A values and opacities. There are also four new rigid gray and color palettes – three 45-color rigid gray palettes, each  combining rigid white (VeroWhite) and black (VeroBlack) with colors, and one 45-hue gray palette with varying levels of translucency. We caught up with Boaz Jacobi, Stratasys Product Marketing Manager, to help illuminate Stratasys’ wonderful world of color and multi-material opportunities. Stratasys Blog: What new possibilities does this extended range of material options bring to additive manufacturing?       Jacobi:  The Objet500 Connex3, already the most versatile 3D printer on the market, can now leverage over 1,000 color options and virtually unlimited combinations of flexible, rigid and translucent-to-opaque colors in a single print run. This provides true final product realism and versatility in end-to-end applications. Stratasys [...]

4 03, 2014

A Handheld 3D Scanner Turning Heads at the Trade Shows

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Columbus, Ohio-based company, Knockout Concepts, is developing a mobile 3D Scanner. Their objective is to create the mobile 3D Scanner that can go wherever you go and capture whatever what you see. The 3D Scanner is a first-of-its-kind unit which contains an integrated depth sensor from Primesense, the same technology used in 3D Systems’ own scanning device. As it happens, Knockout used a rapid prototyped version to present at Maker Faire, turning more than just a few heads. Knocking out Concepts The benefit of Knockout Concepts’ product, first demonstrated at Maker Faire 2013, is that it offers complete wireless mobility–no cords are required to tether the user to a laptop. All point cloud data is processed right on the device using a Quad-core ARM CPU/GPU with the 3D scanning being done in real time, right on the touch screen. The content is stored to memory in the scanner with an internal battery that will keep you scanning for 5hrs+ on a single charge.  The product renders a digital file that is suitable for further CAD development, 3D animation or 3D printing. The Technology House (TTH), a product development and rapid prototyping company, first came in contact with Knockout Concepts when [...]

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