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26 03, 2021

Introducing Geomagic Freeform and Freeform Plus

By |2021-03-26T08:25:01-04:00March 26th, 2021|Categories: 3D Scanning|0 Comments

Cimquest is proud to announce the addition of the Geomagic Freeform and Freeform Plus organic modeling software products to our powerful line of Geomagic technology. Geomagic Freeform and Freeform Plus are commonly used in the medical industry for the design and development of appliances used during medical and surgical procedures and many users are virtually modeling very detailed artwork. Freeform can start with a blank screen and completely design an incredibly complex appliance or piece [...]

4 03, 2021

Introducing Shining 3D Freescan UE X7 and X11

By |2021-03-04T08:22:21-05:00March 4th, 2021|Categories: 3D Scanning|0 Comments

Two brand new Shining 3D Freescan scanners called the UE X7 and UE X11 offer a new threshold for high precision scanning combined with a lighter design and enhanced functionality. The enhanced software can import scans into Control X with a single mouse click, completely streamlining the scan-based inspection process. Accuracy for both the UE X7 and UE X11 is an incredible +/-20 microns (+/-.00078”) with an excellent volumetric accuracy of 20 microns + 40 [...]

3 03, 2021

Maximum Material Condition

By |2021-03-03T08:06:40-05:00March 3rd, 2021|Categories: 3D Scanning, Inspection|0 Comments

Why would one want to use a Maximum Material Condition for a true positional callout for clearance holes? Maximum Material Condition or MMC in GD&T is added to the GD&T symbol. The symbol is shown below. In this example, we have a .137 diameter clearance hole that is defined as .137 Rad +/-.010”. Let’s assume the hole is manufactured (drilled) and inspected and it comes out as a .1303 radius, placing it .0067 undersize. There [...]

26 02, 2021

How to Inspect a Scan Without a CAD Model

By |2021-02-26T08:50:36-05:00February 26th, 2021|Categories: 3D Scanning, 3d Scanning & Reverse Engineering|0 Comments

When using Control X for inspection, you are usually comparing one scan file to another scan file, or a scan file to a nominal CAD file. But sometimes you may have the need to inspect or measure a one-off part without a CAD file to compare it to. This blog post will explain how to take an isolated 3D scan in Control X and take measurements from it. In the example part above we have [...]

24 02, 2021

Creating a Water-Tight Model from CAT scan

By |2021-02-24T08:22:36-05:00February 24th, 2021|Categories: 3D Scanning|0 Comments

This blog post will show you an advanced method to clean up internal portions of a CAT scan with the goal of creating a water-tight model. When processing CAT scan data the biggest challenge is cleaning up the geometry. Typically, the internal geometry of a CAT scan contains disconnected poly-faces, which makes it difficult to select and delete only the unwanted geometry. A good example of this is a CAT scan of a bone, as [...]

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