AMUG 2024

On March 10-14, Dave Macfie, Jim Snodgrass and Greg Wilkman will be attending the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference in Chicago once again! The purpose of AMUG is to educate and advance the use and applications of all additive manufacturing technologies and the cornerstone is the annual Education & Training Conference. Cimquest is both excited and proud to be going to this premier networking event and will be participating in several new ways in addition to previous years’ contributions:

  • Dave Macfie is a Co-Track Leader at this year’s AMUG conference. Since August, he’s been busy helping to set up and organize the presentations, panels and workshops for the metals track. Most likely you will see him in the Continental B conference room on the lobby level (wearing one of his new AMUG shirts!) making sure his speakers, panelists, and moderators are good to go.
  • Jim Snodgrass will be leading one of those panel discussions; Application of Metal Printing for Tooling taking place on Monday, March 11th from 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM. While metal 3D printing was once a niche manufacturing process reserved for producing only the most high-value aerospace and medical device components. Today, it has evolved into dozens of different printing technologies with hundreds of material offerings. While many metal 3D printing methods have established a niche in their respective applications, toolings’ low volume and high-value nature have made it a target for many printing technologies. Joining Jim on this panel will be Ted Sorom from Mantle, Scott Kraemer from Xact Metal, Giorgio Olivieri from Meltio, and Jonah Myerberg from Desktop Metal. From this educational panel, you can expect a lively conversation about the metal 3D printing landscape for tooling, specific applications and use cases, and the pros and cons of the represented print methods.
  • Greg Wilkman, one of the newer 3D Printing Account Executives, is attending AMUG to gather valuable knowledge and network with all of the informative attendees. Greg, who is on our Industrial side and sells our polymer 3D printing solutions is excited for this chance to learn, network, and be a part of the future.
  • In addition, Cimquest is once again proud to be the financial sponsor of the Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship. This scholarship provides the opportunity for highly motivated students to earn the opportunity to attend the Additive Manufacturing User Group (AMUG) conference. Guy E. Bourdeau Scholars are honest, respectful, inquisitive, and collaborative. The scholarship honors the memory of Guy E. Bourdeau for his dedication and contribution to the additive manufacturing industry. He was a strong supporter and advocate of the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG). The scholarship was founded in Guy’s name by his wife, Renée Bourdeau, to honor his contributions to the additive manufacturing (AM) industry. This year’s scholarship winner is Alex Campbell, a fourth-year aerospace engineering student at Ohio State University (OSU). Alex caught the AM bug in middle school while working with a MakerBot printer. He said, “What began as a hobby has evolved into a cornerstone of my skill set, making additive manufacturing an integral aspect of my professional identity.” At OSU, Alex is an undergraduate research assistant in the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence and a Buckeye Space Launch Initiative project manager. Recently, he completed an internship at Castheon (an ADDMAN Group Company), where he developed validation and verification processes, helped install an SLM 280 HL, and learned the additive production process. With Cimquest’s assistance, Alex will be at the AMUG Conference for the entire duration, seeking to add to his AM insights and network of AM peers. He will also take the stage on Tuesday, March 12 to share his work (and passion) in AM.

If you are going to Chicago next week and you run into Dave, Greg, or Jim, be sure to say hi and introduce yourself. At Cimquest, we love to connect with customers, vendors, and fellow people in the industry. We hope to see you there!