Cimquest and Mastercam merge

I’m excited to announce that Mastercam, in conjunction with Sandvik, has announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Cimquest. This is a natural next step for our Cimquest organization to allow us to expand our technology and support to become more accessible to Mastercam users in the Northeast region of the United States.

It is important to note that there are no plans to change relationships with any of our external vendors, customers, or support solutions as a result of this acquisition. We will continue to offer our premier technology and support to our customers.

I will be the Vice President, of Integrations and Owned Entities at Mastercam, and Shawn Crews will be the Managing Director of Cimquest. Shawn will act as the liaison between Cimquest and Mastercam; he will also ensure continuity of services and operations for our customers throughout the transition and beyond.

Cimquest adds talent, operational efficiency, and diverse perspectives to Mastercam’s ecosystem of solutions. The acquisition allows Cimquest to focus on what we do best: serve our customers! More details on the announcement of the signing of the acquisition’s press release can be found here (Sandvik Announcement).

In closing, we are grateful to be part of this fantastic community and appreciate your continued support. We are incredibly proud of everything we have accomplished over the last 30+ years and that’s in no small part thanks to our many great customers.

Mastercam continues to Shape the Future of Manufacturing. Cimquest is proud and excited to join forces with Mastercam to work toward this mission together.

Rob Hassold

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