HP 3D Printing Helps You to Manufacture Possibilities.

HP 5200

5200 Series

Expand and scale into mid-volume production environments – For production environments producing over 200 parts per week.

HP 4200

4200 Series

Transform part properties voxel by voxel enabling a future of limitless applications, materials and colors.

HP HP 300-500

500/300 Series

The cost-effective HP 3D printers tailored for small/medium-sized product development teams, design firms, and universities.



Pay-per-use model for 3D Printing to gain new levels of cost predictability with the flexibility to scale your business as you grow.

Lead the Way in Additive Manufacturing and develop the Next Generation of Specialists for Industry 4.0.

HP Educational

Bring Cutting Edge 3D Printing Technology into the Educational Classroom

Prepare students for the 4th industrial revolution.

Resource Center

The Cimquest HP Resource Center is where you will find videos, flyers, brochures, case studies,
and more to expand your knowledge of HP 3P Printing Jet-fusion technologies.

HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D printer

HP 3D Printing Materials

HP’s unique Open Platform approach is fostering widespread adoption of 3D printing by expanding the availability of new materials to address a broader set of applications, lowering materials costs, driving performance improvements, and creating new possibilities for part properties that address specific industry needs.

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