Stratasys Direct Manufacturing’s Fused Deposition Modeling

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is one of the only professional 3D printing technologies that uses production-grade thermoplastics. Design and manufacturing engineers, design and engineering services as well as aerospace, automotive, medical and energy companies are using FDM.

“With the broadest selection of engineering thermoplastic materials from ABS to ULTEM small, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has helped customers apply the FDM process to a wide variety of product development and manufacturing needs.”
Chuck Alexander, Director of Product Management, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing requires an STL file for FDM services. The STL file format is a very common format that any CAD system can convert to making Direct Manufacturing accessible to just about everyone. Rather than selling machines, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing sells 3D printing services. As a part of the Stratasys organization, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has the widest variety of available FDM services. You can find much more information directly on the Stratasys Direct Manufacturing site here.