3DGence extends their portfolio of industry-focused solutions with a new high-speed printer and Material Management System

3DGence, the Industrial 3D Printing Company, launches the next version of their class-leading FFF INDUSTRY portfolio, the INDUSTRY F421. In conjunction with this launch, 3DGence will release an AS9100 Certified PEEK Aero Filament for Aerospace, Space, and Defence applications, as well as a Material Management System (MMS) with pre-programmed configurations for proper storage, preparation, and annealing of industrial filaments with quick visibility and continuous data feed to 3DGence CLOUD. To wrap up 2021, the company also announces a new 3-year warranty for their new INDUSTRY portfolio printers – the F421 and F350.

INDUSTRY F421 3DGence F421

3DGence INDUSTRY F421 extends on the prior class-leading F420, with enhancements in mechanics, components, workflow, and standard safety features.

“With a focus on Industry Certified materials such as AS9100 PEEK, ULTEM™, and advanced materials for Medical applications, the requirement towards sequential printing of end-use parts motivated the newest version of our INDUSTRY portfolio. The rigid kinematic system has been optimized for high-speed, high-accuracy dual-head printing, a higher chamber temperature, the extrusion system is full-composite ready with extended durability, and the new tablet-oriented screen has an enhanced, user-friendly workflow. In addition, we are providing standard safety features such as status/signal tower and emergency stop button for full, immediate shut-down of logic.” – Mateusz Sidorowicz, Marketing Director

With a rapid shift from prototypes to end-use parts and full-function models made with the highest performing materials, Industrial machines are expected to provide repeatable, accurate results. The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421, with its wide range of materials with quick-change printing modules, high-temperature printing chamber, enhanced mechanics and components, and 3DGence CLOUD connectivity, enables users to shift from prototyping to rapid production.


The company also will release their Material Management System (MMS) to help automate the otherwise cumbersome activity of proper material storage, preparation, and post-processing – especially with high-temperature thermoplastics. As industrial adoption and applications of advanced engineering and high-temperature materials has grown, automation and pre-configuration can reduce the risk for error in proper material management. Improper handling and preparation can not only cause failed prints but have a major effect on the mechanical properties and performance of the printed parts.

“In the MMS system, we aim to separate the distinct activities of storage, preparation, and post-processing. Beyond visual quality are the mechanical properties of the prints, which if not managed, can result in significant loss of productivity. Many of our customers are scaling their AM towards production-grade parts, and the MMS system is designed to support this direction. 3DGence certified open-market material management requirements are pre-configured into the system, which also has continuous feed to our 3DGence CLOUD system. Along with the MMS, we will continue to roll out this focus on automation in 2022 with some exciting end-to-end features in our AM system.” -Krzysztof Wilk, CTO