Working with a U.S. based scanner and software development company, Cimquest is proud to introduce the Variscan line of light-based, metrology grade, stationary scanners.

There are several models of the Variscan scanner, each powered by the powerful AEOS software. They all possess unique capabilities in the scanning world. For example, each scanner can use structured white light and can switch light source to red, green or blue, depending on the surface to be scanned as different light sources work better at acquiring different surface textures. Additionally, each scanner can use monochrome metrology camera lenses yet through software, can capture color texture, making use of the RGB light sources provided.

These scanners can set multiple exposures for a single scan. This means that when scanning an object containing several colors and textures, each Variscan scanner can set up to three resolutions to capture each of the different surfaces without the need to spray.

By simply switching out the lens, or in the case of the Variscan Flex, by sliding the metrology-grade camera along the mounting bar, a user can change the field-of-view, on-the-fly. This enables the scanner to function much more like a standard camera.

The ‘heavy lifting’ of the Variscan scanning solutions and the reason they are so unique is the powerful AEOS software. AEOS is used to power all of the Variscan scanning functions and capabilities, making it a system akin to the most accurate and repeatable scanning solutions in the world today, yet at an exponentially lower price-point.

These scanners can break the +/-.001″ accuracy barrier at an affordable price-point and they are manufactured in the United States. Contact us by clicking the button before for more information.