Autoscan Inspec from Shining 3DThe Autoscan Inspect structured light scanner has remarkable parameters at an extremely affordable price point.

At just $13,200 complete, the Autoscan holds incredible accuracy of 10 microns (+/-.0004”) and has an equally incredible resolution of 50 microns (.0019”) making this an excellent choice for a customer in need of scanning small, precision geometry.

The single-click calibration and scanning routines make this a simple scanner to use yet produce unbelievable results that today’s scanning professionals demand.

Having a Field-Of-View of about a 4” cube, the scanner can handle a significant small part size range, making it a perfect solution for inspection, reverse engineering, or capturing models for 3D Printing applications.

The built-in software takes care of scan alignment, global alignment, and scan merging, offering 100% complete part scans with virtually no human interaction required.

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