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Mastercam 2019 Rollouts Under Way

This week we are in the middle of three Mastercam 2019 Rollout Meetings. We kicked off the exciting events on Tuesday at CNC Software (the home of Mastercam) in Tolland, CT. What better place to show off the newest features of the software! Today, we are continuing the Mastercam 2019 previews at our Portsmouth, NH Rollout and tomorrow we’ll be doing it all over again right here at home in Branchburg, NJ.

We have plenty more dates and locations for more Rollouts in the future. Just click on the button at the bottom of this article to view them all. Here’s just a brief overview of what you can expect from the latest version of Mastercam . . .

CNC Programming
Mastercam 2019 continues to increase productivity and programming efficiency while reducing overall production costs with a series of automated 2D through 5-axis toolpath improvements. Re-engineered chamfering and holemaking strategies, plus the new multiaxis deburring provide new levels of time-saving automation and simplicity. New milling toolpath strategies, like the high-speed […]

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Mastercam 2018 Seam Control

Mastercam 2018 Seam Control

There is a new enhancement to the positional transform in Mastercam 2018 called Roll. Seam control integrates a new dynamic gnomon and an on-screen seam position indicator to help make your results more predictable.

On the screen below you can see two lines of text that need to be engraved on the outside of the part around the 12 o’clock position.

Mastercam 2018 Seam Control

Since we are unsure where the text will end up when its rolled we can use the seam control to adjust the position.

Next, go to the Transform Ribbon and select the Roll icon in the position group.

Mastercam 2018 Seam Control

When the chaining box appears, select Window Chaining and window the first line of text. When the chaining is complete the new controls appear on the screen. Now you can use the handles on the rotation gnomon to adjust the wrapped geometry position.

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Jewelry Customization with 3D Printing

Founded in 1933, leading German wedding ring manufacturer egf Manufaktur is shortening the feedback loop between designer and customer tenfold, blending a custom software solution with desktop digital fabrication to create a modern, highly personalized customer experience.

“Every wedding ring is individualized and made-to-order. They’re more important than any other jewelry product in showing the customer’s individual ideas,” said Nick-Maximilian Binder, assistant to the managing director at egf, and leader of the on-site 3D printing project.

“That’s why it only makes sense to configure a ring in CAD software, print in 3D, and give it to the customer before the ring is hand-crafted by the goldsmith. We find that customers want to modify the original ring to make it either thicker or narrower, or with varying stone settings.”

Jewelry customization with 3D Printing

Egf was awarded the quality certificate of the Jewelry Technology Institute of the University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim. To get up and running with little experience in 3D printing, egf turned to Formlabs Form 2 desktop 3D printer.

“The Form 2 excited […]

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Making Additive Manufacturing Sustainable and Inclusive

Rize 3D printers

Rize recently hosted a live Webinar called “How to Make Additive Manufacturing Sustainable and Inclusive.” The goal of this webinar was to help users of additive manufacturing better understand how to drive increased sustainability and inclusivity in their manufacturing operations and why that’s so important. The discussion focused on how Rize’s patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) hybrid process enables sustainability and inclusivity by providing the highest part strength, the fastest time to a functional part and a safe and sustainable working environment.

You can watch a recording of this Webinar by simply clicking on the image below.

For more information on the Rize One 3D printer, please click the button below.

More Info

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Don’t Lose Your Valuable Mastercam Investment

Mastercam Sunset

With the upcoming release of Mastercam 2019, you will no longer be able to update or receive support for your copy of Mastercam X7. If you update now, you have the opportunity for dramatic savings and revolutionary, industry-changing new technologies!

Mastercam X7 was released nearly six years ago. Although it still gets the job done, you are missing out on dramatic advances across the entire Mastercam family, including the breakthrough Dynamic Motion and Accelerated Finishing Technologies:


Thousands of existing users have already taken advantage of the new technology introduced in Mastercam since X7 was released. Are you ready to help shape the future of manufacturing? If so, contact us today by clicking the button below.

Contact Us

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Rego-Fix PowRgrip Tool Holders

Rego-Fix PowRgrip Tool Holders

As we continued our training and application experience here at Cimquest to apply Mastercam Dynamic toolpaths, we ran into several issues, some big ones being the ability to hold a tool when power cutting and maximizing tool life when speed cutting.

Rego-Fix PowRgrip Tool Holders

First let’s explain what power and speed cutting is. Power cutting is cutting at more than 50% tool diameter and 1.5 to 2 times depth using traditional type speeds and feed to maximize metal removal rate. This places a large amount of torque against the tool, which wants to pull the tool out of the holder because of the flute helix. Speed cutting is the opposite, small step over at up to 6 times tool diameter depth at very high chip loads and SFM to take advantage of radial chip thinning. This high rpm and feed can increase tool runout and in turn reduces tool life.

Rego-Fix PowRgrip Tool Holders

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