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Differences Between Scan-Based and CAD-Based Neutral Files

Scan-Based and CAD-Based Neutral Files

Scan-based files involve cleaning up the scan, optimizing the mesh quality, and ensuring that the scanned mesh is watertight. At this point we can generate the neutral file based on this processed scan data.

Scan-Based and CAD-Based Neutral Files

CAD-based is bit more labor intensive. It involves interrogating the mesh, creating CAD sketches and CAD features and fitting them to match the scanned data. Once the scanned data has been recreated as CAD data, we can then generate the neutral file based on the final CAD geometry.

Scan-Based and CAD-Based Neutral Files

Let’s analyze the differences between the two.

Scan-Based and CAD-Based Neutral Files

The main difference between these two approaches is that a CAD-based neutral file is able to preserve the true geometric features of the scanned part. This means that a cylinder would remain a true cylinder. The same would apply for planar faces, cones, and […]

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Upcoming Mastercam 2019 Rollouts

Mastercam 2019 Rollouts

Be the First to See What’s New in Mastercam 2019

Mastercam 2019 will soon be released and that means it’s time for the Mastercam Update Meetings / Rollouts. The Cimquest Applications team will bring you up to date on all the additions and enhancements in the latest release.

This year we are very excited to be holding our first Mastercam 2019 Rollout at Mastercam’s Corporate Headquarters in Tolland, CT. This special event will be held on June 5th from 8:30AM to 2:30PM and will include an introduction from Meghan West, President of Mastercam, and tours of the facility during the complimentary lunch.

We are also hosting the same great event in the following locations:

June 5   Mastercam HQ, Tolland, CT 8:30 – 2:30
June 6   Portsmouth, NH 8:30 – 1:30
June 7   Cimquest HQ, Branchburg, NJ 8:30 – 1:30
June 19   TBD, Richmond, VA 8:30 – 1:30
June 26   Westford Regency, Westford, MA 8:30 – 1:30
June 26   TBD, Long Island, NY 8:30 – 1:30
June 27   TBD, Baltimore, MD 8:30 – 1:30
July 11   TBD, Philadelphia, PA 8:30 […]

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Rize Launches Rizium One Black Material

Rizium One

Rize recently announced the immediate availability of their new Rizium™ One Black material. Like their existing Rizium One material, Rizium One Black provides mechanical properties that mimic injection molded plastic parts, including isotropic strength. The parts are also watertight, have a high HDT, can be sterilized and provide chemical resistance to acid, acetone, alcohol and more.

In addition, parts made with Rizium One Black provide the same zero-post-processing capability as parts made with Rizium One, for fast, easy, clean and safe support removal with your hands immediately following printing. Rizium One Black is also safe and recyclable, so you can produce functional black parts in an office, tool room, on the production floor or in the field.

Whether you use Rizium One or Rizium One Black for your functional parts, Rize’s APD additive manufacturing redefines the user and customer experience to scale the technology to an entirely new segment of commercial and industrial users. For more information on Rize 3D printers, please click the button below.

More Info

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Custom Earbuds Manufactured With 3D Printing

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Judging by most mass-produced products on the market today, you’d think humans come in just three sizes. We don’t. So why don’t the products we buy reflect that?

Custom products perform better and consumers embrace them, but custom manufacturing is often not economical. Collecting personalized data from consumers is tricky, custom tooling is expensive, and tracking customized parts from initial order through production and shipping is complex.

3D printing is changing everything. Falling costs and innovation in materials have made 3D printing practical for manufacturing—and promise to bring the dream of mass customization into reality.

Economically Manufacturing Custom Products
Tailor-made items perform better, plain and simple. A truly custom-fit earbud can provide unparalleled long-term wear, comfort, stability, and noise reduction. Advancements in scanning technology paired with accessible, high-quality 3D printers make it viable to manufacture custom earbuds and other audiology products at scale.

Formlabs custom earbuds Manufacturing with 3D printing makes producing on-demand custom earbuds a reality.

Though it’s not a silver bullet, 3D printing removes many of the challenges traditionally […]

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Upcoming HP Webinar – Manufacturing Aids

Manufacturing Aids – Setting the standard for production lines of the future

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing’s revolutionary process has opened new possibilities in design and manufacturing, garnering attention for its speed, quality and cost-effectiveness. Learn about some of the advantages of using this disruptive technology for manufacturing aids and how it can help improve production line efficiency. Hear about actual use cases where HP’s 3D Printing technology has helped enable design freedom, shorter lead times and resulted in cost savings and an increase in both productivity and part precision.

Please join the live webinar on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 2PM (EDT). Click the button below to register.

Register Here

Geomagic Capture Scanner

Geomagic Capture Scanner

The Geomagic Capture Scanner is an industrial grade scanner that can be used for both reverse engineering and inspection. It allows you to bring physical parts into CAD for the purpose of reviving a lost design, developing entirely new products, or inspecting existing parts. Let’s take a look at some of its key features.

Geomagic Capture Scanner

The Geomagic Capture is a blue light scanner offering fast and accurate scanning in a portable, lightweight unit. This device can hold accuracies of +/-.0035″ and is very simple to set up and use. The Capture scanner connects to the PC through an Ethernet port and the turntable requires a USB connection. All of the Geomagic software products synchronize the turntable with the scanner to register or align adjacent scans, producing perfectly aligned complete mesh models for various downstream applications.

Geomagic Capture Scanner

Geomagic Capture Scanner

The Capture Scanner is a great tool for companies looking […]

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