Gil Machine is a Cimquest customer in Eastern PA and their owner, Al Gil, often recommends Mastercam to other shops. He finds it invaluable to his business and couldn’t imagine operating without it. Mastercam helps him visualize his entire project so that the toolpaths are perfect every time allowing him to make superior products, quickly.

The day we visited, Al performed a roughing test with some GW Shultz end mills to measure the speeds of how quickly they could ramp into parts and remove material using Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion toolpaths. His test included ramps at 5 degrees, 10, 20, 30 and 40 degrees. He was very impressed with the 40 degree ramping and surprised at the clean finish of the end part.

Gil Machine is also using Mastercam Lathe for their turning jobs. Al feels that Mastercam is the answer to making the more complicated or tighter tolerance parts. Not only does it offer the Dynamic toolpaths to get roughing done quickly, but it also offers “bread and butter” toolpaths that you can experiment with in a timely manner. It’s very easy to make changes, repost, and get back to the machine and run. He’s done extensive testing of the Dynamic toolpaths and cut many different materials including plastics, steels, titanium – you name it, he’s cut it and has experienced quality results.

fixture design

Al also utilizes 3D printing in his business mostly to build fixtures. Instead of taking extensive time to make a complicated fixture, he now just quickly prints it. Printing even a simple fixture can save him hours of machining time and cost.

Al feels that Cimquest excels at providing their customers not only with great support, but also with new and better ways of doing things. He loves having a trusted resource who informs him of the newest technologies, ensuring that his shop stays competitive over the years.

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