Shining 3D

Cimquest is excited to announce that we are now representing Shining 3D handheld scanners. This new addition to our product lineup offers customers a high-end, handheld scanning solution. There are several different products in this Shining 3D family, but these two give a good example of what the family of products offers and they will be the first ones that Cimquest will have in-house.

  • The Freescan X7 laser scanner provides the accuracy and resolution of competitive handheld scanners but at 60% the cost and virtually identical specifications.
  • The Einscan Pro 2X structured white-light scanners also met the approval of our technical team’s rigorous testing for producing very accurate models with full color-texture support and an extremely competitive price tag.

While new scanning technology continues to evolve and is developed or imported into the USA, you can feel confident that Cimquest will review any promising products and make you aware of compelling new capabilities to explore.

Please contact Cimquest’s sales team at 866-277-8778 or email to learn more. Please also mark your calendars for Oct. 15-17, 2019, for our xpand3D event, which will be larger and more technology-rich then ever before!!