Foremost Manufacturing

Foremost Manufacturing was founded in 1957 and is a premier supplier of reflectors, housing, and assembly services for the lighting industry. Foremost Mfg has been working with Cimquest for well over 10 years and with their help have been drastically reducing programming time. They take advantage of the events that Cimquest puts on to announce new product releases and finds them to be a great resource for learning new tips and tricks. They also watch the Two Minute Tuesday series every week where they pick up lots of useful information. When the time comes that they have a problem, they know that the engineers at Cimquest are only a phone call away. In some cases the applications engineers at Cimquest were able to use GoToMeeting to take control over their computers and quickly solve any problems.

Foremost Manufacturing

In 2007, Foremost purchased an ABB Robot because they started to get more quotes with intricate parts. These parts would normally have taken them days to program and, on some parts, they couldn’t even program them at all. They needed the help of a new software program and Robotmaster was their answer. It was at one of the Cimquest Open Houses where they first learned about Robotmaster and after getting a demonstration they realized the benefits it could bring. Robotmaster has cut the programming time on some of their jobs from 5 or 6 hours down to one hour or less.

Foremost Manufacturing

They have also recently purchased a Thermwood 5-axis router as a secondary machine to handle some of the work that was being backed up. Foremost likes the idea that they can program the parts in Mastercam and later decide if they will send them to be cut on the Robot or on the Thermwood router. It’s very easy to go back and fourth between the two machines with the software and this offers them great flexibility.

With Mastercam and Robotmaster, Foremost can now quote jobs that they couldn’t quote before. They say that these two products have cut down their programming time drastically.

Foremost MFG case study

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