Formlabs Healthcare is introducing BioMed Durable Resin for strong and impact-resistant medical devices and instruments.

Formlabs Medical Materials Library
The BioMed Resin family is targeted for a wide range of healthcare applications, helping advance 3D printing for medical devices and point-of-care manufacturing and providing new possibilities for the wider healthcare community. BioMed Durable Resin is a clear material for biocompatible applications requiring impact, shatter, and abrasion resistance.

Formlabs Medical Materials Library
This USP Class VI material is made in an FDA-registered, ISO 13485-certified facility and can be used in applications for long-term skin and short-term tissue, bone, and dentin contact (<24 hours). BioMed Durable Resin would be a great solution for:

  • Patient-specific instruments
  • Single-use instruments
  • End-use devices and components requiring biocompatibility and impact resistance