HP webinar

HP is offering an informational 3D printing webinar tomorrow afternoon – The Advantages of Designing for MJF Instead of Injection Molding. During this webinar, they will discuss how designing for MJF can optimize costs, free the engineer of constraints imposed by injection molding, and accelerate the development process through delivering production quality parts at the prototype phase and enabling rapid iteration.

Attendees will understand how keeping in mind designing for MJF while taking advantage of the freedom of design that 3D printing affords can dramatically affect production costs. This event is tomorrow afternoon so don’t delay in registering. Details below.

December 5th2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

John Briden
Senior R&D Manager, HP

John Briden is a Stanford Mechanical Engineering graduate who has spent a career developing products at leading consumer electronics companies like Apple and HP Inc. He recently joined HP’s Multi-Jet-Fusion 3D printing group to help usher in the next industrial revolution with 3D printing for production.

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