Xact Metal

While the growth of larger players in the metal 3D printing industry has plateaued during the last year, Cimquest’s metal 3DP business has grown 69% year over year. Some of the reasons for that growth are largely due to the popularity of Xact Metal’s printers and the relationship they cultivate with their customers and resellers.

Xact Metal offers a unique value proposition; a high quality, easy-to-implement machine that is an excellent entry point into metal additive or to expand your current metal 3D printing capabilities.

Thanks to this strong partnership, Cimquest has maintained our position of being Xact Metal’s #1 Global Partner for three years in a row! Additionally, we recently sold our XM200C demo unit and are looking forward to the delivery of our brand new XM200G printer in our Branchburg, NJ office. The XM200G is a greatly enhanced version of the proven, easy-to-use, and cost-effective design of the XM200C metal 3D printer. It incorporates a high-performance galvanometer system that moves the laser beam over the powder bed. This architecture provides faster printing speeds and supports multiple lasers with higher power output (up to two 400-watt fiber lasers). This combination allows for an expanded materials portfolio as well as a larger build size (150mm (5.9”) on all sides).

With this new machine, Cimquest will provide even better support to our customers. The speed and expanded selection of materials will grant us the ability to assist customers with a greater range of applications at a faster pace. Thus increasing the speed of our customers’ decision-making and helping to demonstrate the benefits of such a fast and simple metal 3D printing system. Of course, we welcome anyone interested to come and see this fantastic machine in person with us to truly see everything it and all of the technologies that Cimquest has to offer. Our experienced and helpful team will candidly answer any questions you may have about how to find the same success other customers are having with Xact Metal.